Band Members
Stu Pearce – Vocals
Nick Turner – Bass
Ryan Atkin – Guitar
Sam Wilson – Drums
Pop Punk/Post-Hardcore band from Norwich. All Music on all Digital platforms.
1.) I first wanted to take the time and thank you for doing this interview with me today. For our readers who haven’t heard of you yet, can you tell us about yourself and anything about the band you’d want us to know? Who have been your major influences in your writing style?
Hello there! We are called “Our time is now” and we are a post hardcore/pop-punk mash up. Some of our major influences range from “A day to remember” to “Iron maiden”.
2.) Let’s talk about what you currently have going on. Any new music or new tours in the works? If you were to say one song of your own perfectly sums up what you are all about which song would that be?
We have just released our new single “Sinking ships” which got a decent reception which we are thankful for. We also have some shows being booked up, the closest one being on 6th April with our good friends in “Lightscape” in Norwich.
I would say our version of “Dancing on my own” is a good starting point to sum up what we are about, it has a twist on what you would usually expect from that style of sound and it is something we are very proud of!
You can listen to it here:

3.) When you write any new music, can you tell us what the process is like? Describe to us what happens in a typical writing session.
Stuart will usually come up with the basic riff and structure after the lyrics have been finished, then we can take it into the practice studio and we all work on developing an idea into a final song we can all be proud of.
4.) With the music industry always changing and evolving, what are the things you like and don’t like about it? What aspects of the industry do you feel have hurt or helped your career? If you could change anything about it, what would it be?
This industry is incredibly tough! It is very easy to be put off by it but if you are serious about a career in music you have to just keep cracking on. I do like that for the most part when playing with new bands everyone is respectful and is interested in each others music, it is one of the best things to just chill out with the other bands and have a laugh.
5.) Do you or any of your band members have any side projects? If so, what are they?
Stuart has a side project called “Brave” which is a more vocal based project similar to artists such as “Marianas trench“. His first single is out on 23rd March.
6.) When you’re preforming how do you handle any mistakes on stage if they ever happen? Do you have any stories that stand out to you that you had to make a memorable recovery?
I think it is best just to glide past them as well as you can but this is not always possible, if this is the case then the solution is not set in stone.. One memory that comes to mind was one show we played in Norwich, Stuart’s guitar packed up about half way into the set and at this particular time we didn’t have a spare, so we decided to finish the set with one guitar and simplified the songs to cover where the missing instrument would have been.
7.) How do you decide which songs go into a set when you perform live? Do you change up the sets or stick to a regular set list? Do you have any covers?
We usually have a solid setlist that we stick to for every show but occasionally we throw an oddball one in there. If we are headlining then we will more often than not throw a cover or two into the set just to flesh it out and keep people switched on rather than bombard them with a long set of songs that not everyone is going to know.
8.) If you had a choice to go on any bands tour, which tour would you pick and why?
Creeper would be a great band to play alongside! they are making huge strides and watching them grow and represent a unique style of british rock music is great to see.
9.) Do you have any advice for any upcoming artists? What’s the best piece of advice someone gave you when you realized you wanted to be a musician?
Enjoy the moments and good times that you get! It is so easy to get caught up stressing about what is next to the point that you forget to cherish what you have achieved up to that moment.
10.) Any last words?
Thank you for talking to OTIN and all of our music is available on all usual platforms such as Spotify,ITunes etc..

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