(New York, NY) Pop/rock trio Moonfall is thrilled to unveil their EP Empty Cage. The EP via Outerloop Records/Cooking Vinyl is available for purchase now, here: https://Moonfall.lnk.to/EC.

It’s full of huge catchy tracks that just stick in your head and Rock ‘N’ Load thought it was time to introduce you crazy kids on this side of the pond to this stunning trio: Check out their killer video for ‘Lost’ here :



1.) I first wanted to take the time and thank you for doing this interview with me today. For our readers who haven’t heard of you yet, can you tell us about yourself and anything about the band you’d want us to know? Who have been your major influences in your writing style?


Matthew: Thank you for having us. We are a rock band called Moonfall from New York City. It’s a little hard to explain what we’re about, we draw inspiration from many different genres and styles of music. The three of us have different influences and we bring them together to create something that encompasses all of that. We come from different musical backgrounds but we all share the same goals. It gets kind of weird at times, but we love what we do.


2.) Let’s talk about what you currently have going on. Any new music or new tours in the works? If you were to say one song of your own perfectly sums up what you are all about which song would that be?


Andrew: We’re always working on new music and we’re heading back into the studio shortly.


Mei: We recently released our new EP “Empty Cage”, and we spent October touring with Echo Black. I don’t think there’s only one song that can sum up what we are, mainly because we’re so versatile. The best way to describe “Moonfall” would be a combination of songs that ignites different feelings and yet have a unique and recognizable melody.


3.) When you write any new music, can you tell us what the process is like? Describe to us what happens in a typical writing session.


Matthew: We don’t really have writing sessions, our songs just happen on their own. It’s a very natural process most of the time.


Mei: Matt is our main composer. Usually he’ll be the one to come up with the structure of a song – the rhythm, the melody, and layers of sounds. Then we all sit down and give our feedback or personal touches. Later on we each add our own main instrument to the table. The lead guitar, bass, and drums. We like to work together and see what each one of us came up with, that helps us bring the harmony and dynamics between the instruments forward.


Andrew: It really depends on what kind of songs we are writing. If it’s more electronic heavy, we spend a lot of time on synths and programming during pre production, so we’re very prepared when we go into the studio.


4.) With the music industry always changing and evolving, what are the things you like and don’t like about it? What aspects of the industry do you feel have hurt or helped your career? If you could change anything about it, what would it be?


Matthew: Not only the industry, but music itself changes and evolves all the time. I think the industry reflects that and the musicians who are a part of it. There’s not really a point to having your opinions about something like that rooted too deep in the ground. As long that as an artist you know who you are and what you’re trying to do, you’ll be fine.


Andrew: It’s kind of a love hate relationship with the industry nowadays. Everyone seems to be a DIY artist which is really cool but on the flip side, genres can get oversaturated and it can be harder to stand out.


5.) Do you or any of your band members have any side projects? If so, what are they?


Matthew: Our side project is trying to find time to sleep.


Mei: None of us have side projects when it comes to music, but we do have our own hobbies outside the band. Andrew loves photography and skateboarding, and I love writing stories.


6.) What has been your most memorable gig to date?


Mei: I think this tour we just finished has been very memorable as a whole. The roads, the different bands we got to work with, many new and interesting people we got to meet. Personally I think our show at Gramercy Theatre last January was also very memorable, it was the biggest show we’ve ever played.


7.) How do you decide which songs go into a set when you perform live? Do you change up the sets or stick to a regular set list? Do you have any covers?


Mei: We like to mix it up. We did some covers at the very beginning, just between the three of us. That was the way we got to know each other and practiced playing together. But we don’t play covers when it comes to live shows.


Matthew: We want to play as many of our songs live as possible, but some songs do become staples in lives.


8.) If you had a choice to go on any bands tour, which tour would you pick and why?


Andrew: I would love to tour with Linkin Park. They’re a band that have been with me since the beginning of my musical life and still continue to inspire me to this day.


Mei: I would want to go on tour with One Ok Rock. We have followed them from the very beginning, and admire their hard work, energy, talent, and the way they progressed. I think we can learn a lot from them.


Matthew: Maybe Muse, since that’d mean we’ll be able to see Muse every night.


9.) Do you have any advice for any upcoming artists? What’s the best piece of advice someone gave you when you realized you wanted to be a musician?


Matthew: Figure out what the music you are making is trying to say, what it’s trying to achieve and why it came out of you the way it did. The best pieces of advice are the ones you learn along the way and give yourself.


Andrew: Embrace your quirks, weirdness and what have you. Uniqueness is rare nowadays, so hold it close.


Mei: The best advice will be to surround yourself with the right people. Drama or laziness are unnecessary obstacles that some people like to indulge themselves with, stay clear of those people.


10.) If you could have written any song by any other artist what song would that be?


Matthew: I don’t think I’d want any song I like by another artist to be ours, we’d probably end up not liking it the same way. Music sounds very different to the ears of those who created it.


11.) What does the year ahead hold for you guys?


Mei: More adventures and more candy!


Andrew: We’ve got a lot of new roads to explore!


Matthew: You’ll have to wait and see.


12.) Any last words?


Matthew: Thank you for taking the time to read about us! Make sure to keep up with us moving into 2018, let’s make it a great year together.



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