1.) I first wanted to take the time and thank you for doing this interview with me today. For our readers who haven’t heard of you yet, can you tell us about yourself and anything about the band you’d want us to know? Who have been your major influences in your writing style?

Thank you for you time guys. I’m Jeff a guitar player and music producer based out of Los Angeles (I’m originally from France). I produce electro rock music.  I like Californian Hard Rock, English EDM, Detroit raw rock n’ roll… As far as writing goes I’m influenced by bands such as Guns n’ roses, The Stooges, The Prodigy, The Glitch mob…. 

2.) Let’s talk about what you currently have going on. Any new music or new tours in the works? If you were to say one song of your own perfectly sums up what you are all about which song would that be?

I just released my first single ‘Sleepless’ in July and I’m currently working on my full debut album. You can expect some touring after the release of the album. It’s hard to pick a track that sums up the whole thing. I have some rock n’ roll songs, some tracks are more guitar driven and some others are very EDM oriented… ‘Sleepless’ is a good introduction though. There’s some lead guitar, some synth riffin’, some female voice samples, some ambient shit… It’s like multiple songs in one. 

Check out the music video here:

3.) When you write any new music, can you tell us what the process is like? Describe to us what happens in a typical writing session.

I’m producing everything at home, that way I can lay down stuff whenever I feel like. It’s kinda cool man! Sometimes I write a riff when I wake up in the morning, sometimes I’m working on a mix between two band rehearsals, sometimes I record a guitar solo at 3AM after  a live show… There’s no real process, it just happens like that and eventually I’m making a song out of all these elements.

4.) With the music industry always changing and evolving, what are the things you like and don’t like about it? What aspects of the industry do you feel have hurt or helped your career? If you could change anything about it, what would it be?

I don’t really pay attention to what’s going on inside the labels these days. The internet is a fantastic tool for young musicians but not everything is great about it. I think the upcoming artists should get way much more money from the streaming platforms. 

5.) Do you or any of your band members have any side projects? If so, what are they?

Yeah. Since I moved to LA I’ve met so many musicians it’s awesome. And when it comes to guitar playing I enjoy a wery wide spectrum of genres. I’m currently playing with the bands Charly & Faust (Folk/Pop) and GETSOME! (Rock n’ roll). I’m working as a session guitarist as well, I spend a lot of time recording for artists.

6.) When you’re preforming how do you handle any mistakes on stage if they ever happen? Do you have any stories that stand out to you that you had to make a memorable recovery?

Mistakes happen all the time on stage. You just gotta stay focus and pretend that’s it’s part of the show. Sometimes it can be something out of your hands. I was playing quite a big gig a few years back and my pedalboard just died in the middle of the set. The thing was live on TV so it was really messed up but somehow you gotta figure it out. I was supposed to have a heavy distortion and a shitload of effects on my guitar tone but all I had left was a tiny, awful dry signal coming from the amp. I always double check my gear before going live now 

7.) How do you decide which songs go into a set when you perform live? Do you change up the sets or stick to a regular set list? Do you have any covers?

I like sticking to the same opening track but the rest of my setlist changes all the time. I do some covers sometimes but not that much live. I like to remix classic hard rock tracks. What I mean by remixing is that I keep the original vocal parts only and I rebuild and record a new song around it. 

8.) If you had a choice to go on any bands tour, which tour would you pick and why?

The Prodigy. Their live set is stunning, it’s not your lazy EDM act just sitting there with a laptop. It would be pretty intense on stage and I’m sure they would know how to party afterwards too! *laughs*

9.) Do you have any advice for any upcoming artists? What’s the best piece of advice someone gave you when you realized you wanted to be a musician?

Work hard, stay honest and don’t listen too much to people. Live your life to the fullest, otherwise you’ll have nothing interesting to write music about *laughs*

10.) Any last words?

Be positive, stay hydrated and keep it real !


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