Dougie Poynter, Todd Dorigo, and Corey Alexander Announce
New Alt-Rock Band
Debut EP ‘HEAVEN’ Available Now On All Streaming Platforms
London-based Alt-Rock trio, INK. has today released its debut EP, ‘HEAVEN’.
Founded by Dougie Poynter (formerly of platinum selling UK bands, McFly and McBusted) and Todd Dorigo(former solo artist who has previously played Glastonbury and toured with Carl Barat of The Libertines) and completed by the addition of drummer Corey Alexander, INK. has drawn from a variety of influences ranging from The Rolling Stones, Nick Cave, The National, and Nirvana to the writings of Alan Ginsberg, Vladimir Nabokov, Leonard Cohen, and Jack Kerouac.
In its first musical offering, the 4-track ‘HEAVEN’ EP, the band clearly demonstrates its song-writing flair. Dorigo’s deep, velveteen voice and intricate guitar work, coupled with the phenomenal rhythm section of Poynter’s melodic bass lines and Alexander’s epic drum sound, blend their expansive influences into a maelstrom of stirring and skilfully crafted rock songs.
INK.’s debut EP ‘HEAVEN’ is out now and available on all digital streaming services. Tracks include:
Keep it locked for further exciting news from INK. shortly!
Dougie recently took the time to chat with Rock ‘N’ Load about all things INK: 
What was behind the moment where you realised you wanted to create something else musically?  

Well there wasn’t really a moment when I stopped writing. It was more a case of me and Todd, our singer and guitarist, just demoing and being like “this would be cool to play live. Let’s find a drummer..”


How did you come to write and play with Todd Dorigo and Corey Alexander?

Me and Todd had been friends for some time and then a mate of mine recommended Corey as a drummer. All of us are from different musical backgrounds but the first time we got in a room together it just felt super fun. Then we realized Corey was a tad mental!


What influences were behind the EP?

Everything from Fugazi, Nick Cave, and John Williams, to Hanz Zimmer.


Your new EP is very different to work you’ve previously done. Does this relate more to your own personal music tastes?

I guess so. But I’m into so many different styles of music. If you go back and listen to what McFly did we really spanned a wide range. Everything from The Beach Boys and Jellyfish to Blink 182 and The Used (yes. The Used influenced a couple of songs on McFly’s 2nd album).


What would be your advice to people who haven’t listened to your music yet due to your past?

It’s not the size of the boat it’s the motion in the ocean. Or is that advice on sex?

I don’t know really. I don’t really over think things like that. I just play bass, write songs, and try to have as much fun as possible.


Now that the EP is out there, are there any plans of continuing to write a full album?

We hope so. We have a whole bunch of songs demoed and ready to go. But I think we would probably like some time to write newer stuff.


What are you most looking forward to during the tour?

“Doing sweet jumps”


Your upcoming tour with the band is in much smaller venues than tours done with McFly. Do you prefer bigger arenas or the smaller venues and why?

They are two totally different worlds. The clubs are fun because you can just stop a song half way through and point people out who aren’t paying attention and make fun of ourselves. Arenas are like flying a jumbo jet and you lose a lot more calories running around!


As an artist who has experienced all sides of the music industry, do you feel your current journey is a more cathartic one, are you able to enjoy and appreciate the creative process once again moving forward?

McFly never held back on anything or any topics. And it’s the same with INK. too. The only major difference are Todd’s lyrics. He’s huge fan of poets life Arthur Rimbaud and John Cooper Clarke. So he will take a simple concept like a comedown from drugs and make every line have about 3 different meanings.


What advice would you offer to young musicians navigating their way through the modern day music industry?

Be open minded to all music. Never be narrow minded with music! Listen to the best song writers out there even the dudes behind the scenes like Max Martin. Keep at it and use social media as a tool. And just keep playing, writing, and tour your ass off.


If you were starting all over again today as a young pup, would you do it any differently?

Take bass lessons.


So far you’ve shown many talents from performing to acting and writing a children’s book, is there anything else you have on your bucket list of things you would like to try?

I would like to do a lot more work with conservation. Especially with our oceans. There is also a huge problem with amphibian numbers dropping dramatically due to deforestation and a deadly chytrid fungus virus. So I would love to do what I can there.

And whilst I’m at it I may as well start a thrash metal group!

Thanks so much for having me and all your support.


Catch INK on Tour In May: 

INK._National Tour Poster

INK._National Tour Poster


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