We caught up with the lads from one of Belfast’s finest Metal bands Donum Dei on the night of their album launch at the Empire Music Hall, Belfast for their first full length LP Contribute To Chaos.

Check out the album review below:

Donum Dei - Contribute To Chaos

Donum Dei – Contribute To Chaos

Cometh the day, cometh the band, Donum Dei is that band.

Rising from the ashes back in 2011, Donum Dei immediately turned more than a few heads when they hit the scene in N. Ireland. A polished and powerful band of brothers, this quartet had the world at their feet and the balls to take it on. 2015 saw their first EP Justice Fails released and everyone’s predictions about this manic four piece was realized, these motherfuckers are the real deal.

Rome wasn’t built in a day; these guys have methodically planned their assault on the senses like a pack of wolves, and now they are ready to strike.

Contribute to Chaos is Donum Dei’s first full-length release and is one eagerly awaited album. Gargantuan from start to finish, you get the sense listening to the album that vocalist Thomas Marshall would happily stick his hand down your throat and rip out your heart from the stage. The album’s intensity and brutality is relentless throughout, and that is a beautiful thing.

The riffs are behemoth in size, matched by Marshall’s vocals beat for beat. Production is beautiful to allow for a wall of distortion crashing down on you. A cacophony of intense and savage riffs one after another feels like a punishment beating you would pay for.

A flawless full-length debut by these barbaric riff masters, remember the name, remember the day, the shape of Metal in Northern Ireland will never be the same.

Contribute to Chaos is released March 1st 2018.

Track List:

False Hope

Dead On Arrival

Torture Makes Them Speak

Murder And Mayhem

A Wolf Among Us

Courage From Within

Contribute To Chaos


Justice Fails






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