1.) I first wanted to take the time and thank you for doing this interview with me today. For our
readers who haven’t heard of you yet, can you tell us about yourself and anything about the
band you’d want us to know? Who have been your major influences in your writing style?
Thanks so much for having us! We are a 6 piece rowdy-acoustic-pop band from Salt Lake City, UT! We love our moms, music, and watching 80’s action movies together as a band. We are super pumped to announce the release of our new single Tree House that will be coming out this January!
2.) Let’s talk about what you currently have going on. Any new music or new tours in the works? If
you were to say one song of your own perfectly sums up what you are all about which song
would that be? 
Our new Single ‘Tree House’ is coming out on the 26th! It is the first Single off of our new record which will be released later this year. It is a perfect taste of the new album and new direction that we are going. If you have ever seen us live then these new songs won’t surprise you at all. If you haven’t seen us live, then this will definitely seem more upbeat and driving than our last record. Along with the new Single, we have tour dates planned across the West Coast of the US. We are stoked to get back on the road again!
I think it is very fitting on many levels to say that ‘I Could Do Better’ sums up Cinders pretty well. It was the title of our first EP, and the final track to our Self Titled album. It not only sounds most like us, but it also lyrically is hopeful and energetic. Plus it is a good motivating factor, knowing that you can always do better.
3.) When you write any new music, can you tell us what the process is like? Describe to us what
happens in a typical writing session.
It is a big beautiful mess full of unorganized thoughts and a whole lot of creative juices. We write as a team. You know those superhero cartoons where they say to the one superhero who is newer “let the real pros handle this” but then at the end of the show it was the newer hero who ended up saving them, then they say “looks like we make a great team after all”? That’s how Cinders works too. It isn’t Cinders until we have all put a part of each of us into it.
4.) With the music industry always changing and evolving, what are the things you like and don’t
like about it? What aspects of the industry do you feel have hurt or helped your career? If you
could change anything about it, what would it be?
Honestly we have no complaints. The music industry took a lot of work back in the day, and it still takes the same work today. We love how accessible music is now though. On your phone you can hear every single band in the whole world at the click of a button. Thankfully because of how the music industry is now, we have been that button that our fans have clicked on.
5.) Do you or any of your band members have any side projects? If so, what are they?
Adrian and Brad sometimes play for other groups in their spare time. They are usually entertainment bands or jazz ensembles. Clearly they are the real talent in the band since there are other groups that ask them to come join as a guest player.
6.) When you’re preforming how do you handle any mistakes on stage if they ever happen? Do you
have any stories that stand out to you that you had to make a memorable recovery?
Yes they happen! We just play it cool and act like nothing is wrong even though in your mind you are thinking “WHAT DO I DO THIS IS GOING HORRIBLY WRONG AND EVERYONE TOTALLY KNOWS IT”. Instead of describing a show with many technical difficulties as bad, we call it “punk rock”. The most punk rock show we ever played was in a small room full of people along side a couple of our favorite bands. Our lights went out in the third song, Austin’s keyboard stand fell for no reason at all, Montana’s mic was somehow shut off for a whole song, Jordan had to play a couple acoustic songs because the power went out, and Adrian broke not only 1 but 2 basses. It was pretty awesome. As stressful as that can be, it is a great learning experience and a good story. Plus if I were in that crowd watching Adrian going hard enough to bust 2 basses then I would remember that forever!
7.) How do you decide which songs go into a set when you perform live? Do you change up the sets
or stick to a regular set list? Do you have any covers?
We never play covers, if we did they would probably all end up being songs by The Cure. We try to play our most upbeat songs and the fan favorites. There are definitely some changes depending on the setting and area we are playing or how long our set is. We also take into account which songs require odd tunings and play those spread out through the set, that way we don’t have to be stressed about tuning constantly during the 20 second breaks in between songs. We like to play the sax songs back to back because who doesn’t like hearing some groovy back to back saxing?
8.) If you had a choice to go on any bands tour, which tour would you pick and why?
Grouplove, The Front Bottoms, Coldplay, The Head and The Heart, Motion City Soundtrack. They all have incredible energy and songs that you intentionally try to lose your voice from because you are singing along so loud!
9.) Do you have any advice for any upcoming artists? What’s the best piece of advice someone gave
you when you realized you wanted to be a musician?
Keep working even when someone says that you just don’t have it. For every single time someone says yes to you and your music, there will first be 100 no’s. It takes 5 years to figure out if you have something, and it may take even more to turn it into something great. So don’t give up until you have given your all for at least 5 years.
10.) Any last words?
Thanks for having us we really appreciate it! Make sure to follow on Spotify so that you dont miss the release of Tree House coming January 26th. Happy New Year!
Check The Guys Out Here : https://www.facebook.com/cindersmusic/

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