Cerys recently reviewed BLACKOUT‘s latest release ‘The Horse’  and off the back of that we thought she should have a wee cheeky chat with vocalist Christian Gordy, Would be rude not too right?

1)    How does it feel to be back after your hiatus?

Good to be playing music again, though I always knew that’d happen one way or another. Nice to have some new blood in the mix, branching things out. 


2)    What are your main musical influences for your sound? 


Im old so at the height of my music intake it was the 90’s and my mushy little brain got a severe dose of Melvins, Karp, Mudhoney, Nirvana, Unsane, Cherubs, Butthole Surfers etc. the good shit. but i like it all. Especially ABBA. 


3)    The night you came up with the material for ‘The Horse’ features quite a dramatic story. Talk to us about that.


Well, it didn’t quite happen in a night. I’d pretty much given up on the band and was just painting a lot. But I started getting the fever again and pulled out my guitar one day, ate some mushrooms and wrote a bunch of riffs.

I hit up Adam, who is now our new drummer, and we worked a few of them out.  Two, which ended up on the record.  But yeah, it was a couple of months of just banging shit out at the practice space. And this was right when the shit was about 2 inches from hitting the fan so that impacted a lot of the overall feeling I’d say. I also lost a good friend during that time so that factored in as well. The horse is basically death. 


4)    You come from the urban streets of New York, how does that influence your music?


Bwahahahaha! I definitely do not come from the urban streets of NYC. Im from the nasty swamps of Louisiana. I’ve lived in NYC for the last 8 years. I’m a southern gent through and through. But i’d say the overall insanity and claustrophobia of living here has an impact on the sounds. I like it though, ain’t gonna lie. 


5)     Where did the inspiration come from for the album artwork? 


Ever see that movie wild things? We just wanted to make it the least Metal possible. No skulls. Sorry. 


6)     How did the recording session go at Spaceman Sound in Brooklyn? 


Fast and laid back. Those guys are great, and they have a skylight in the main room, which makes such a huge difference. 


7)     The record has a strong focus on the instrumental side as oppose to the vocal content. Is there a reason for that?


Not really, it’s just how it came out. 


8) The music industry has changed dramatically over recent years, how do you guys find your place in an ever-changing landscape? 


Well, we’re not really trying to find a place, we just like doing what we do not shooting for anything in particular. If someone else enjoys it, then thats just grand. 


9) If you could collaborate with any musician from any era who would that be?


Captain Beefheart


10)   What is coming up in the future for Blackout?


Recording material for a possible new EP in the next couple of months also at spaceman. 


 11)    Are there any upcoming dates that we should be putting in our diaries? 


October 27 at El Cortez with Tournament and Knight Terror. Hopefully we’ll make it to Europe next year, that’s the plan if we’re not all dead by then. 

Big thanks to Christian for taking the time to chat with RNL and “Thank you for the music” (Abba reference) just for you big lad !

Check out our review of the guys latest release via Riding Easy Records 10/10









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