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ROZU (Japanese for Rose) is a post-hardcore 4-piece from Denver, Colorado consisting of longtime artists Tim Graham on vocals, David Sundine on guitar, Brian Robertson on drums, and Henry Navarre on bass. With a hard-hitting debut EP on the horizon ROZU aims to take both local and national music scenes by storm. With full intention to tour constantly and consistently in support of their debut effort expected to release the latter half of 2020, ROZU is the next band to keep your eyes on, as their penchant for all things driving, melodic, and heavy make them a standout you won’t want to miss.

About The Band:

For any of our readers who are unfamiliar with yourself / yourselves tell us a little bit about your band / project.

Hey guys and thank you for having us. Rozu is just a couple dudes that have been in and out of bands for years in our home of Denver Colorado that came together wanting to start something special and write some heavy yet emotional music. The band is comprised of myself (Tim-Vocals), David (guitar), Henry (bass), and Brian (drums)

What was your earliest memory of music that peaked your interest?

For me it was just driving around with my dad listening to rock and metal music when I was younger. I’ve always just loved the art of music and hoped to be a part of this world someday.

Who was the first album / single you purchased?

The first album I ever purchased with my own money was Tool’s Anima.

When did you first pick up your respective instrument / or start singing?

I sang in the choir when I was in elementary school, then really started taking my voice seriously after college when I was a tour manager and constantly touring.

What route did you take with your music / instrument / lessons / music school / self-taught and any fond memories of that journey?

Really for my screaming I always tried to emulate Spencer Chamberlin of Underoath. When I got really into the music and into the “scene” I would just scream and poorly sing along to everything. For a couple years there I was just a screamer then when a new band I joined wanted me to sing as well so I started taking lessons and have been just working on my voice as much as I could.

Who were your hero’s as a young musician that inspired and pushed you to want to be a musician too?

Easy, Spencer from Underoath and Craig Owens in the early Chiodos days. Seeing those dudes performing live with all the passion and energy they had inspired me and continue to inspire me to be a better vocalist.

Is there one particular album or song that gave you a “Eureka” moment from your youth that made you want to be a musician?

From the first riff of Underoath’s Define the Great Line I was like well shoot I should try to take myself and this craft as serious as possible.

What was the best gig you’ve ever attended?

Taste of Chaos in 2006 or 2007. That was the one where I saw Underoath and Chiodos live for the first time and changed me forever.

Do you have any musical guilty pleasures?

No music should be a guilty pleasure because who gives a damn what you listen to right? If anything, the thing that surprises people the most is just literally how much POP music I listen to.

About Now:

So any new music in the works currently or just released?

Yes, we are finishing our debut album right now and shooting some music videos for some singles we have yet to release.

Where and when did you record it?

We recorded all our singles in San Diego with producer Tyler Ruehl, and for our album we are doing half and half here in Denver and in San Diego.

How does the song writing process generally work for you?

Just playing with riffs until we find something we really like then building off of it. Then just continue to come back to those songs in the box expanding and making as great as we can.

What route have you taken to build up and establish a fan base locally & beyond your local area?

Our branding and our single strategy. We have just been releasing singles every couple months and playing shows to build as much of a fanbase as possible before we go into an album cycle.

What is the music scene like locally to you and where do you fit in?

We have an awesome scene here for sure with some great talent. It’s one of those scenes where everyone kind of helps everyone out so it is pretty fun to be a part of.

Do you feel there are enough venues around you to help promote and establish up and coming bands like yourself?

Absolutely! We have some awesome DIY venues up to Red Rocks Amphitheatre and everything and anything in between

What would you like to see ideally to help hard working bands / artists get better exposure and opportunities to make a living form their craft?

I think it is all really the work ethic of the artist. Being in the digital age we have so many platforms and tools you use and utilize so I love to see people putting in that work with those and touring to really help build themselves a career.

What is the best piece of advice you have received on your journey thus far?

Work hard and learn as much as you possibly can about how the business side of this industry works.

What would you say has been the biggest lesson you have learnt on your journey to date?

Surrounding myself with similar like-minded individuals has been the greatest lesson I’ve learned and is a big reason to why Rozu is what it is at such an early stage.

With the music industry always constantly changing – how have you had to adapt to the ever-changing landscape?

Embrace it! Learn the new tools and grow with the changes to not get left behind and forgotten. We all study and engulf ourselves with all the change and learn how to utilize all medias for the best possible outcome we can get.

Does the introduction of New Technology / Digital Age / Social Media etc enhance your life as a musician or do you feel it can be more of a hindrance?

A little bit of both. Social medias are so extremely toxic but also an opportunity to make new friends and fans and building those connections are really cool, but if I wasn’t in a band or running a business I would be completely off the grid of everyone complaining about how shitty their lives are. On the opposite spectrum things like Spotify help us build audiences outside of our home market and help have better tours being an unsigned band.

The Future:

So moving forward what’s next for you?

We are releasing a few more singles before we start planning album release and touring pretty hard starting in late January early February. 2020 is going to be a busy year.

How do you see the evolution of the band / yourself as an artist?

We are just going to keep writing the music we want to on that given day and continue to push ourselves to our fullest potential.

Do you have any short-term or long-term goals in mind?

Not really we just want to get to a point where we are constantly on the road sharing our art with people.

If you could tour with any band or artists who would that be?

Oceans Ate Alaska, Underoath, Thousand Below, and Wage War.

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