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So for anyone unfamiliar with yourself, tell us a little bit about your backstory and how you ended up here.
I’d like to know the latter myself… OO started out as a band in London, after the demise of my previous band The Crooners. Their final show was such a disaster, a disaster that began way ahead of the show, that it gave me a clear idea of what I want to do and what not…! OO then met,quite boringly, online. But once we’ve been together IRL there was nothing boring about the band, we gigged in the London/southern UK area for roughly two years, until we got a little deal for our first album… And did what any reasonable band would do. NOT.We split up. Again. (Remember that Monty Python bit; “I build a castle“, it felt like that…) I’ve recorded that damn album anyway, but the yearlong Hamburg-London commute had made me a bit weary anyway – so we’ve done parts of it in Hamburg. With the guys who are still in the band. Classic happy end! …is what I would have said if there were any gigs to play, now that we’re happily together, but hope and patience will get us through this. Oh; by ‘hope and patience‘ I mean stubborness. I love that album and want to play the tunes live, be it in five years!
What’s Happening Now?
Operation Offbeat are a ska/punk band whose raucous mix of 2tone, reggae, punk and Spaghetti Westerns is what the world needs – in addition to hand sanitizer – right now: Ska and again Ska.
Fast, life affirming skanking.
“Brilliant songwriting, musicianship and lyrics!” – Frogcat Zine
Founded in 2016 by Hamburg based guitarist, vocalist and band leader Max Beeger, Operation Offbeat are Eike Twesten – Git / Voc, Richard Smith – Bass, Tobias Vervoorst – Drums, Johannes Witte – Baritone Sax, Carina Rieper – Alto Sax and Oliver Thiele – Trombone. The band sounds like a giant carnival wall of sound peppered with Beeger’s irony laden lyricabout partying, making mistakes and living to tell the tale. Successfully referencing but never
imitating Madness, The Specials, Motorhead, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Johnny Cash, Operation Offbeat are a breath of fresh air in these oh-so-serious times.
“The funniest hardcore party songs I’ve heard!” – Sonofabeach Reviews
The band have played shows all over Germany and the UK supporting The Toasters, Roddy Radiation and Chico Trujillo. They have appeared on festival bills, including The Specialized Fest in Dorset. Recording their album just as the world was entering lockdown, the band worked in various studios in Germany and London using every technological trick in the book – from four track tape recorders to Zoom and state of the art Pro Tools – to capture their party geist.
Current album ‘Your idea of luck‘:
What is next for you?
Another album! I am currently putting the finishing touches on 12 new tracks, we’ll be recording late this year and presumably come out with it in April 21. The working title of the album is “Flashmob on a minefield“, a weird image that I’ve sometimes had about the year 2020… We’ll have the odd fun lyrics again, but this time there’ll also be a few tunes inspired by the shit sandwich that was 2020. I hope they’re going to be retro by the time they come out.
What are your influences // Inspiration?
I always liked Bruce Springsteen- I guess that is a logical consequence of growing up with Rock and Roll, Folk and Country… But I have seen him live relatively late for the first time, it was the ‘Rising‘ tour in Hamburg… And from that day I was a huge fan. The performance of the E-Street band is easily among the most powerful and joyful experiences in Rock and Roll! on from that time I went to any gig I could; the only time I missed out was my wedding day. And don’t think
that was an easy decision! And if now you think “What a prick“- I once went with my wife and she understood. However, my marriage is fine, just as fine as this steamrolling, extra-long version of ‘Ramrod‘- I urge you, especially if you haven’t seen him live and maybe only know the radio stuff, watch this to the end. If you have a heart for Rock and Roll I’d reckon you’ll be jumping around on your couch.
Operation Offbeat Youtube channel:
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