Venom Inc - Suffocation - Live Review - The Asylum – Birmingham
Venom Inc - Suffocation - Live Review - The Asylum – Birmingham
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It’s a miserable rainy evening outside but that hasn’t stopped the dedicated few that are waiting for the doors to open in the finest English drizzle, as tonight is the forth night on a huge tour that takes some amazing bands across Europe and runs until the end of the month.

Opening the night is a band not on the promotional posters. Survive hail from Japan and play their brand of Old School Thrash which is very easy to get into. The few people that are in the crowd are clearly enjoying it, it’s just a shame that there aren’t more people to enjoy their short set.

Next up is Canadian Death Metal outfit Aeternam. Their sound is very impressive and as the crowd slowly starts to build there is quite a noticeable contingent nodding their heads with appreciation. The on-stage display however doesn’t match the energy and the speed that is being heard which is unfortunate as you can’t help but feel that with some enthusiasm and interaction from up front, things could be very engaging.

Brazilian all female Thrash Trio Nervosa are third up and unfortunately their set starts behind schedule due to technical difficulties that the sound technicians appear to be baffled by.

When Nervosa start the anger and frustration is matched perfectly by the aggression and eagerness to play to this ever-growing audience. The amazing example of Thrash metal is met with huge appreciation as head banging at the barrier begins and the crowd join in with chants started by the band. The Brazilians sound is impressively tight and one of a band with more members and increased experience with face melting lead guitars, unbelievably aggressive and fast drum and the screaming vocals of the finest in the business combined with playing some impressive bass. It is clear that Nervosa are making new fans and raises the question around when we see them again, higher up the bill.

Suffocation are the first of the co-headliners and the crowd is at its biggest, but unfortunately there is still a lot of space on the floor. As soon as they start up the brutal onslaught begins from the Death Metal veterans. They play through their extensive back catalogue whilst also treating fans to tracks from their latest offering Of The Dark Light. The entire room is head banging whilst the blast beats are in danger of giving everyone some serious concussion. From start to finish this is a non-stop enjoyable assault that is lapped up across the board and leaves everyone wondering if Venom Inc can live up to this standard.

As the veteran three piece Venom Inc take the stage there is some intrigue about what to expect from the performance, will it be mainly the latest album Avé or will we hear some Black Metal classics?

They open with the first track from the new album as the audience sing along to ‘Ave Satanas’ and the class oozes from the stage. From the off the reason that the Venom/Venom Inc. boys have retained such a following is clear showing comfort on stage and look like they are truly enjoying themselves as the amazing examples of lead guitar constantly pleasure the ears.

The crowd are fully engaged as the studded leather clad fans make their way to the barrier and there is combination of long hair and fists pumping in the air. Crowd interaction reaches its peak as fans sing along with the masters of their craftVenom Inc. play tracks from across the back catalogue and a 5 person mosh pit emerges as they reach Venom classics including ‘Don’t Burn The Witch’ and finishing off with ‘Black Metal’.

The stage craft and experience of Venom Inc. is witnessed by members of the other bands and it’s clear that anyone trying to hone their craft can learn a lot from the Black Metal legends. They still have a lot of offer and the future of Venom Inc. is as exciting as it is black.


Ed Ford


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