Trivium - Code Orange - Power Trip - Venom Prison - Live Review - London
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Brixton Academy, *claps in admiration*. This is venue is a special one, not only for London, but for the UK. Located in the south of London, Brixton is known for a few things, its multi cultured roots, 1980’s riots, gentrification, chicken shop culture and is one of the most upcoming trendy parts of south London but most of all for music fans, Brixton academy. Luckily located on the Victoria line a few stops from Euston means it is a very accessible venue for people, meaning that you can come from parts of the UK with moderate ease and still make the train home. When you see that one your favourite bands are going on a UK tour you can’t help but hold your breath when you scroll down its London show and it’s at Brixton academy you can’t help but squeal.

For some who has never been there imagine a venue that is a cross between modern and Victorian architecture, from the outside you can see its beautiful dome lined in green neon lights, then as you walk in you see how much history this place has seen. The main area is a gentle slope towards the stage and to the left and right you can see Romanesque bust statues and balcony’s. This is one venue you need to see a band in before you die.



To start this Saturday night and to set the mood Venom prison were chosen to open. The UK based band haven’t been on tour with a big a band as Trivium before so they brought their A* game, this is band has a fast paced, deep dark sound that bring out the worst in you (in the bet way). If you are a Pit virgin and have never dived into a mash of bodies in a crowd before then this band will.  This is the kind of fresh band that is pushing the metal scene further and giving it new life, its front women really is a power house of noise and brings something different to the table! She has one of the best scream vocals in the business and with the rest of the band just as talented this is a band to keep an eye on for the future.



Power Trip are a new one for a lot people in UK, these dudes came rockin from Dallas, Texas bringing a whole lot of noise. The audience could tell how excited they were to play in such a great venue with such musical history. Unfortunately, after their second song they had to stop playing for about 10-15 mins as someone in the crowd had become injured in a freak incident. This didn’t stop their momentum or dampen their spirits, if anything they had gained a lot of respect from everyone around, they had noticed something was wrong in the crowd and communicated clearly to find out what the problem was. They waited and made sure that everyone involved was safe before they carried on the set, they didn’t disappoint. They knew they had to cut their set short so they went all in with a sound similar to Pantera and early Metallica, just with more of a modern oomph! They are brining that old thrash metal sound back, but so much better.



All of the bands have brought something new to the table but out of all them that night Code Orange stood out the most. They have an originality to them that you can’t deny, It’s hard to compare them to any other band as they cover so many genres and don’t at the same time. Coming from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania they bring a new vibe to the whole show, for starters the lead singer is on the drums, the fiery haired female guitarist packs a hard punch and the bassist is a full-on berserker!

The room is lit in an eerie deep red when they made their way to stage, then from there it went from 0-100 with a click of your fingers! Taking pictures of a band like this is a pleasant challenge, they go crazy from beginning to end and you’d be lucky if the bassist doesn’t hit you as he jumps from stage to barrier. They played a whole heap of new and older songs, from ‘Kill The Creator’ which is full on carnage to ‘Bleeding In The Blur’ which is different to a lot of their song but is such a rare black pearl of an awesome song. As with power trip they had to stop for a few moments as someone in the crowd had broken their nose in flurry of everything in the crowd but this phased no one as they continued till the end the set leaving the audience ready and fire in their belly’s.



Trivium are a band that a lot of people have seen evolve over the years, and their fans with them. A lot of people from my generation remembers being a teenager in school and seeing that emo or greebo kid wearing a Trivium t-shirt which at the time were a big band in the metal scene but since then Trivium have grown to be one of the staples of the metal genre. Over the years they have released over 6 albums from EmberTo Infernoto The Sin And The Sentence, they have experimented and honed their sound. One of the most defining albums in some opinions is In Waves which is a brilliant album on its own.

After Code Orange left a small pool of blood on stage it was time for the headline band to bring on the carnage. Trivium has always been a live band so they don’t shy away from a large crowd, the lights off and smoke slowly creeps onto the stage you can feel the electricity in the room. The eager fans see silhouettes of the band coming on the stage and the screams of excitement with it, with a flash of lights and sound the headliner have made claim to the audience. The first few songs are from their new album and really prepares everyone for the show to come, with headliners they can really play with the confidence that the audience are well warmed up from the supports with circle pits and crowd surfing. They made everyone want to do more by saying that Paris was a better crowd but any British folk in the audience wouldn’t be having that and brought their best. The supports really did a fantastic job of preparing the crowd, Trivium personally chose their supports and admitted to being fans of Code Orange and had to get them on the tour. The lighting and the sound quality were on point! Trivium are a real professional band; each member has become a master of their craft. Matt Heafy is a brilliant front man with a vocal skill and guitar skill to envy, I was in awe of the full show and a bit sad when I had thought they had finished. That was before the encore, with a few minutes of silence ‘Capsizing The Sea’ came on followed with a huge cheer as they played ‘In Waves’. Trivium left their fans in a state of content and euphoria, they played old and new songs that left everyone happy. You couldn’t help but leave the venue covered in sweat and a huge grin on your face. What a night.


Review & Photography : Thomas Daniel Pratt


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