Tragedy : All Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees - Live Review - Voodoo - Belfast
Tragedy : All Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees - Live Review - Voodoo - Belfast
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It’s hard to believe that just a couple of months ago the UK was under inches worth of snow. Many of us wondered if it was ever going to pass. Thankfully at the beginning of May 2018, Mother Nature got her ass in gear and cranked up heat up in both weather. Of course what better way to cap off a glorious weekend than by hitting Voodoo in Belfast as they played host to one of the most unique tribute acts to come from the big apple. The funkalicious Tragedy: All Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees And Beyond finally made their Irish debut.

You would be right to think that the support lineup from local Thrash/Death Metal bands was a weird mix what with Tragedy being more of a Glam Metal style; but that being said it was great to some of Belfast’s finest at work. Indominus kicked off the night’s proceedings warming up the crowd of about five people with their Technical Death Metal sound. Technically, the thunderous four piece put on a great set with their Behemoth-esque songs but the mixture of a very poor sound mix and lacklustre stage presence really let their performance down.

Having just come from the final of the annual Metal To The Masses competition, relatively fresh band Ketos were up next who showed that even though they didn’t win the competition it won’t stop them from kicking ass. As the room started to (slowly) get more people, the powerhouse vocalist Pete Crenshaw made sure everyone was to the front of the stage for some headbangage as they ploughed through songs like “Full Force” and “No Hope In Sight;” all of which had a Five Finger Death Punch/Killswitch Engage influence behind them.

Northern Ireland’s finest Thrash Metal band Scimitar were main support of the night. Time and time again these four roughens just get tighter and sound larger with Ryan Atkin’s earthshaking drum performance and lead vocalist Johnny Gray continually leading the audience to war. “Behead The Beast” and “Usurper Of The Throne” were two of the most stand out tracks from their set and while this was by far the best I have ever seen these guys live, something just didn’t seem right. It was almost as if the lads just didn’t want to be there, which was made obvious during their stage presence thus slightly ruined their set for me.

As the ominous sound of rain and female screams blared throughout the venue, it was time for Tragedy to hit the stage. Lead by the band’s clown, Lance, the band took to the stage via the crowd and launched straight into their metal renditions of “Islands In The Stream” and “Tragedy.” Of course it’s not just the band’s take on disco songs that made them memorable, it’s their stage get up with sparkling flying Vs, short shorts, spikes and a shed load of make up is the reason why people remember this band. To me it felt like seeing Steel Panther all over again, only on a way smaller scale as there was plenty (and I mean plenty) of sexual jokes throughout the night; one of which being about how Disco Mountain Man made a 95 year old woman orgasm.

Despite the crowd attendance being small, this didn’t stop the guys from putting on the party of a life time as they continued with renditions of “It’s Raining Men/Raining Blood,” “Woman In Love” and “Stayin’ Alive” all while Lance put on many on/off stage antics. From throwing glitter over the audience to challenging his pink ukulele against Mo’Royce Peterson’s guitar, to even wearing a King Diamond mask during “Sweet Caroline” (changing Neil Diamond to King Neil Diamond.) I am sure it can be hard to keep up this sort of schtick but thankfully Tragedy have made it work and have helped bring life back to the disco era of old. Only this time they will make sure you think of Slayer when you are listening to The Weather Girls.



Review & Photography : Marc Leach


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