Theory Of A Deadman - Toseland - Live Review - Manchester
Theory Of A Deadman - Toseland - Live Review - Manchester
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It’s the last night of the tour for ​Theory Of A Deadman​ here in Manchester tonight. Here in the UK to promote their latest album ​Wake Up Call, ​it’s been 3 years since they were last over.​ ​Fans have been waiting for these guys to come back and they certainly haven’t disappointed with their return this year.

Toseland ​are on first tonight as the only support act. Having just come back from their tour with ​Skid Row​ it’s been only weeks since these guys were last playing in the city. From the moment the band hit the stage it was clear that they had a lot of support in the audience who clearly knew the band well. Kicking in with “Puppet On A Chain” the band were alive with energy and getting a great response from the crowd. Their music and sound clearly channels that of hard rock with the similar sound of the ​Little Angels.​ As they played through the set they managed to get almost the entire crowd clapping along as they played “Renegade”. Front man ​James Toseland ​is well experienced in gearing a crowd up after opening for some big bands throughout the bands career and tonight had been no exception. Closing their set with “Crash Landing” and “Hearts & Bones” it was a shame they weren’t on for a bit longer as they put on a superb show tonight.

As the dry ice covers the stage it can only mean one thing – it’s Theory time! Kicking off with the infectious “Lowlife” the whole crowd was one with the band as their voices rang around the venue. They went straight into “Blow” and then into the massive “Bitch Came Back”. Starting with these huge well known songs was the perfect way to start the set in order to get these fans at their peak. The crowd needed very little encouragement to jump and scream. As the set continued into “Echos” and as the music cuts out and frontman ​Tyler Connollysings alone the crowd was heard above his voice as they sang along. Connolly took the time to interact the crowd as well throughout the night and singled out fans waving t-shirts. He also talked about his Canadian roots being close to the UK and reminisced about watching Coronation Street which hit home with many fans in the crowd tonight with it being filmed here in Manchester.

Theory took a step back in time as they played their personal favourite “Santa Monica”. Connolly spoke to the crowd before this song about how music has such a big influence on us all and how one song can pick you up from your low points. This is something that resonates with is all and everyone does have their personal favourites and this is the bands. This then lead into their impressive cover of ​Chris Isaak’s ​“Wicked Game” where every single voice sang out.
Having released their new album not long ago it was only fitting for them to treat the crowd with some of these tracks such as their latest single “Straight Jacket” which was a clear winner with the crowd. They closed the set by going back to some huge fan favourites with “Angel”. Before playing the last of the set Connolly spoke to the crowd once again relating to the fans before playing “Hate My Life”.

But it’s not over yet as there is always time for an encore! Heading back onto the stage after the crowd made so much noise that I’m sure the other academy’s hears them. “RX (Medicate)” was the first of this extra set and once again this crowd was singing along with gusto. Theory were clearly grateful for the response they had received tonight and for the whole tour. They made a promise tonight to make sure they will return. Before playing their very last and final song of the night the band played a bit of ​Guns N Roses​ “Paradise City” where they got the crowd to sing alone before heading into tje epic “Bad Girlfriend” .

It was clear that this is a band with a devoted fan base. After tonight I am proud to say that I am now a part of this crowd having seen them for the first time despite loving them for a while. All I can say is here’s to hoping they return soon!


Review : Emmie Ellis

Photography : Frank Ralph


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