The Kris Barras band - Live Review - The Borderline – London
The Kris Barras band - Live Review - The Borderline – London
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It’s a Wednesday which is usually the point when the working man gets the mid-week blues, what better way to cheer yourself up than by going to a Rock and Blues show In central London, there is a very well hidden venue called The Borderline. Just a 5 min walk from Tottenham Court Road which can be one of the busiest streets in London, it must have taken a lot for me to find it but luckily its right behind one of the coolest little bars in London called Crobar which rumour has it is one of Dave Grohls favourite places to visit when he come from across the pond. It’s an underground venue which; as per usual is bigger on the inside, the audience consists of the older generations who have grown up with the original Rock ’n’ Roll and Blues.

The support for the days headline is The Rainbreakers who were a worthy warm up. From the get go its easy to tell this band love what they do with fluid bass playing, guitar solos and the jive and movement of a Blues band. The Rainbreakers are a combo of old school Rock and Blues with a modern twist and the drummer even wore sunglasses indoors, classic Rock ’n’ Roll.

Check them out :


With the support having fully warmed up the crowd it was time for everyone to get a few beers in before The Kris Barras band. As the room darkened in a hue of blue light, Kris Barras came on stage to an uproarious cheer from the crowd, he has been playing Blues and Rock for the last 13 years or more of his life so its safe to say he has built up quite a few fans over the years with his gritty and in your face style.

The Kris Barras Band whilst similar to their support offers a touch more of charm and energy. The style is closer to Blues than Rock and even a sprinkling of Southern charm which; gives it more soul. Kris’s husky vocal range is very easy to recognise and I would even say it’s one of the defining signatures of the band’s music, the piano and organ is a great touch as well it really gives a unique vibe.

One object that is hard to miss on stage is the amazing custom mic stand for Kris, it’s a stand made out of a motorbike chain, and if that’s not Rock and Roll then nothing is! The band feels like it fits into it’s own British Southern Rock and Blues genre and if that isn’t a genre it is now!

The bands talent is obvious to see with its Kris’ mesmerising guitar solos and soulful organ runs. Barras a former mixed martial artist left that world behind to once again concentrate on his music, after having tasted limited success previously he has returned with a bang, his latest offering The Divine And Dirty laid down a foundation with his new record label Mascot to announce his arrival once again and tonight’s gig at The Borderline showcase’s his rise like a phoenix from the flames once again with his biggest ever headlining show in London.

The Kris Barras band is a real unique gem in a world drowned in mainstream music, they are truly keeping Blues Rock alive and well.

Kris Joins the Supersonic Blues Machine with Billy F. Gibbons (ZZ Top) at The Shepherds Bush Empire on July 4th and supports Joanne Shaw Taylor in October across the UK for what will prove to be a killer year for this highly regarded guitarist.


Review & Photography: Thomas D. Pratt 


Full Tour Dates
Tickets available from

15 Jun      LoveRocks Festival, Ferndown
20 Jun      The Borderline, London
21 Jun      Rock City, Nottingham
22 Jun      Marsh Blues Club, Huddersfield
23 Jun      Durham Blues Rhythm & Rock Festival, Tyne & Wear
29 Jun      Maidstone Leisure Center, Maidstone
01 Jul       Ramblin’ Man Fair, Maistone
04 Jul       Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK w/SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE ft BILLY F. GIBBONS
07 Jul       Suwalki Blues Festival, POLAND w/SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE ft BILLY F. GIBBONS
15 Jul       Pistoria Blues Festival, ITALY w/SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE ft BILLY F. GIBBONS
16 Jul       Carroponte Spazio Mil, Milan, ITALY  w/SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE ft BILLY F. GIBBONS
18 Jul       Piazza Europa Narcaol, Narcao (CI) ITALY w/SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE ft BILLY F. GIBBONS
20 Jul       Blues in Villa, Brugnera (PN) ITALY  w/SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE ft BILLY F. GIBBONS
22 Jul       Upton Blues Festival,  Worcester
28 Jul       The Rock And Blues Custom Show, Pentrich
04 Aug     Calstock Bike Show, Calstock
18 Aug     Motor City Festival, Ljunljana, SLOVENIA

07 Sep     Phoenix, Exeter
09 Sep     Ekletica Festival, Isle of Wight
11 Sep     Talking Heads, Southampton
12 Sep     Engine Room, Lincoln
13 Sep     Asylum 2, Birmingham
14 Sep     Patriot Crumlin, South Wales
15 Sep     Corporation, Sheffield
16 Sep     The Tunnels, Bristol
18 Sep     Trillians, Newcastle
19 Sep     Club Rock, Carlisle
20 Sep     King Tuts, Glasgow
21 Sep     Warehouse, Harrogagte
22 Sep     Night & Day, Manchester
23 Sep     Waterloo Music Bar, Blackpool
25 Sep     Brickmakers, Norwich
27 Sep     Flowerpot, Derby
29 Sep     The Kent Blues Collective Festival, Gillingham

01 Oct      Playhouse, Whitey Bay w/JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR
02 Oct      Brudenell Social Club, Leeds w/JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR
03 Oct      Apex, Bury St Edmunds w/JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR
05 Oct      ARC, Stockton w/JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR
06 Oct      Live Room, Chester w/JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR
07 Oct      Robin, Bilston w/JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR
09 Oct      O2 Academy, Oxford w/JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR
12 Oct      Concorde, Brighton w/JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR
13 Oct      Roadmenders, Northampton w/JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR
14 Oct      Public Halls, Harpenden w/JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR


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