Testament - Annihilator - Vadar - Live Review - Vicar St - Dublin
Testament - Annihilator - Vadar - Live Review - Vicar St - Dublin
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Easter Sunday and Vicar St is hopping in anticipation of some New & Old Testament, before we get to the main course there were two tasty starters to whet the appitites of this sold out crowd. It’s been a long time since I have witnessed a place so packed out before the support bands come on, but then again there hasn’t been too many gigs with a line up of quality like this.

Speaking to some fans before the festivities began they were disappointed that Vader only got a 35 minute set. As disappointed as they may have been with the time allotted they wouldn’t have been with the display that Vader put on. Right from the off is was full on and in your face much to the delight of this packed out crowd, a seriously blistering set.

Just as the crowd had sufficiently recovered from Vader, Annihilator stepped on to the stage and the place went ballistic. The Canadian speedsters tore in to their set like a bat out of hell and the crowd lapped it up from the opener “King Of The Kill” to the closing “Phantasmagoria”. It’s been a while since I have seen a band that just seemed so happy to be on the stage and the reaction they were getting from the crowd just seemed to push them on to be faster and louder with every note and Jeff Waters seemed to be in his element with how the crowd sang along to every song and no more so than when they played “Alice in Hell”. All in all it was a stellar performance and the band enjoyed it as much as the crowd.

With appetites sufficiently whetted it was time from the main event and when Testament hit the stage the place went absolutely nuts. Launching into the title track of their latest album “Brotherhood Of The Snake” they proceeded to rip through song after song with breakneck speed, amazing solos, both guitars and bass, and some seriously pounding drums from “The Atomic Clock” Gene Holgan. They were in top form and had the crowd eating out of their hands, none more so than Chuck Billy who was slyly robbing Alex Skolnick’s plecs from his mic stand and tossing them to the crowd, much to the annoyance of Alex as everytime he went looking for one there was none left.

But then it was Skolnick’s turn to woo the crowd with an excellent solo that had AC/DC riffs, some Gary Moore “Parisian Walkways” and some Hendrix “Foxy Lady”, seriously amazing. This lead nicely into “Electric Crown”, a personal favourite, and it was brilliant. The crowd participation, as always with a Dublin crowd, was out of this world singing along, moshing along and generally having a blast which in turn fed the band with an unbelievable energy. From then on out it was a real throw back over their thirty year carrier and some of the best tracks they ever laid down with the likes of “Into The Pit”, “First Strike Is Deadly”, “Souls Of Black”, “The New Order”, “Practice What You Preach”, with Chuck even signing the album cover a fan passed up to the stage, and the final song “Disciples Of The Watch”. At nearly two hours of balls out old school thrash metal, the show flew by and as the band left the stage the crowd were howling for more.

All in all an excellent showing from all three bands as you would expect and no better way to spend Easter Sunday evening


Review: Conor O’Hanlon

Photography: Darren McVeigh 


Annihilator setlist

“King Of The Kill”

“One To Kill”

“No Way Out”

“Twisted Lobotomy”

“Set The World On Fire”


“Alice In Hell”



Testament setlist

“Brotherhood Of the Snake”

“Rise Up”

“Pale King”

“More Than Meets The Eye”

“Centuries Of Suffering”

Alex Guitar Solo

“Electric Crown”

“Into The Pit”



“Throne Of Thorns”

Eric Guitar Solo

“Eyes Of Wrath”

Gene Drum Solo

“First Strike Is Deadly”

Steve Bass solo


“Souls Of Black”

“The New Order”

“Practice What You Preach”

“Disciples Of The Watch”










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