Rockingham – 21st October 2018 – Nottingham Trent University, UK – Day Three
Rockingham – 21st October 2018 – Nottingham Trent University, UK – Day Two
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As the sun shines down on a sleepy Sunday morning, there is one spot in town that is
anything but sleepy. That’s right it’s day 3 of Rockingham and the venue is already full of
rockers ready for another day.
Creye are first on the days line up and were more than prepared to get this show started.
For a first band the venue was the fullest it had been at the start of any of the three days
proving that these guys were worth getting up for. The performance that they provided
backed that up as they put on one hell of a show. With Age Of Reflection taking over next it
was proving to be another day of great bands and a great feeling atmosphere. The Swedish
band kept the room rocking as well as bring some great crowd interaction with teaching them
a Swedish phrase and getting them to say it back to them throughout the set. Throw in some
awesome guitar solos and riffs and it was certainly a memorable performance. Next up were
Aussie rockers White Widow who are currently celebrating 10 years of success. They
managed to capture the attention of this room as the crowd grew throughout their set to see
these guys perform. The band drove through their set with a collection of tracks from their 10
year history and threw a couple off their latest album in as well. It was certainly turning out to
be another great day so far.
Up next were the impressive Find Me with their keyboard heavy sound. The crowd were
excited to see these guys perform and could be seen banging their heads and dancing
throughout. But it was vocalist Robbie LaBlanc who provided an outstanding performance
as his voice was on top form. Vocalists such as this are a rare and wonderful thing to behold
and he certainly was.
Glass Tiger brought the party vibe as we entered the final night. Their feel good sound got
the room dancing and singing along like any good party should be. With hands clapping
throughout the room, everyone was put into a good mood by these guys. They threw in
some call and repeat and every voice in the room got involved for “Don’t Forget Me (While
I’m Gone)”. Glass Tiger are one of those bands that know how to make people feel good and
tonight was no exception.
With the entire room now lifted with good spirits it was time for something a little heavier with
Pretty Maids! They came, they rocked and they conquered. While being much heavier than
any of the other bands on the bill this weekend, it didn’t stop the crowd being 100% behind
this band. Right from the get go, fans were singing, clapping and all round rocking. This is
another band who love to get behind the audience participation with callbacks and making
sure the whole room is involved, including the balcony. They also made sure that they gave
the crowd a full performance with legs kicking and basses spinning. Pretty Maids give an all
round experience for a rock show with nothing left out or compromised. They certainly were
a highlight of the weekend despite their set being cut short due to setbacks earlier in the day.
It was now time for the final band of the night and the whole weekend, the one and the only
Warrant. Now here is a band that never grows old to watch live. They put as much energy
into their stage show now as they did back at the beginning and have become pros at what
they do, which can be seen tonight. They are here to have a good time and make sure the
audience has one too. Again this is another of the great bands who spend time with their
audience telling stories and getting them involved at every given moment. While each and
every song performed tonight was played to perfection without missing a beat. But the crowd
kept up with the band just as well singing at every given opportunity with joy. But despite the
enjoyment of each moment in tonight’s set there was only one moment that would excel
above all others – “Cherry Pie”. And what a moment it was, if the crowd had been loud earlier

it was deafening at this point. Such a big single got the reaction it deserved and it was just
such a perfect moment. Warrant have proven tonight that they stand with bands such as
Skid Row as those who continue to be exceptionally performers year after year!
With another year over and another fantastic weekend done with, Rockingham 2018 has
been truly fantastic. There’s only one way to describe the atmosphere which is it’s like
coming home to family. The whole event has a close knit feel which makes it much more
special than attending a large outdoor festival. It’s a place to meet up with friends and make
some new ones while enjoying a line up of great music. Which leaves just one last thing to
say – Thank you Rockingham and see you next year!!



Mark Ellis 

Shoot The Groove

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