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The Key Club Leeds played host to ROAM tonight with, support from WSTR and STAND ATLANTIC, it was a truly pop-punk show!

Opening the night were Australian natives, Stand Atlantic. Having released their latest EP, Sidewinder, earlier this year, the crowd were treated to a set mainly comprised of those new tracks. Starting with “Push”, the band played with high energy and there was clearly a fan base out tonight for these guys as you could hear the crowd singing along. Playing through other tracks such as “Chemicals” and “Mess I Made”, the crowd got more lively as the set went on. Being as far as the usual Leeds chant of “Yorkshire” which clearly meant nothing to these Aussie’s, however they took the interaction well and this would become a theme for the night. Closing with single “Coffee at Midnight”, the fans for this band were clearly heard throughout the room. Stand Atlantic may not have had the full support of the room tonight, but they certainly widened their fan base as people bought their EP from the merchandise stand.

The night took a turn in energy as the next band took the stage, WSTR. From the moment these guys took the stage the room went wild! From jumping, to circle pits, to the numerous crowd surfers that was never ending, but then when the bands frontman jumps straight into the crowd as they come on stage what do you expect. There was clearly a large fan base here for these guys tonight. Having released a new album this year also, fans were treated to tracks such as “Featherweight”, “Nail the Casket (Thanks For Nothing)” and “Eastbound & Down” the crowd sang loudly with the band. The Liverpudlian band interacted well with the crowd and even started up the “Yorkshire” chant. For a half an hour set, WSTR certainly know how to get the crowd going.

The headliners tonight ROAM, were warmly welcomed to the stage by the crows tonight. This was a hour of such high energy, you felt tired watching them. The crowd was once again throwing their all into the music with once again crowd surfers and circle pits. Their set tonight was clearly tailored to their fans as with each track the crowd became more and more involved. Playing through clear favourites such as “Left For Dead”,”Flatliners” and “Cabin Fever”, the crowd was louder than ever. This was another frontman though who clearly knew how to interact with the crowd, standing on the barrier to get up close and personal with their fans, he even helped crowd surfers get down. Another chant of “Yorkshire” was also started by Alex Costello and he took part with this, even starting one of “Oh Jeremy Corbyn”. This was such an intimate show with The Key Club being a small venue but that didn’t affect the energy given by this band tonight. The band did try to tone down the crowd with “Tracks” but this crowd was resilient and continued with the energy of just a little subdued. Closing with “Hopeless Case”, Costello kept the crowd going standing on his stool on order to see the whole room. But this crowd wasn’t done yet and the band came back out for an encore with “Head Rush” and the room went mental. Costello encouraged the room to go wild and jump from any possible surface from the speakers to the stage and jumped right in himself. The crowd was just a sea of jumping bodies and crowd surfers with several surfing at a time. This room tonight was alive and loud and both the crowd and the band were having a great time.

Having been to my fair share of different gig’s I have never seen such a small room of people go as crazy as they did tonight. What was also great to see, was the band’s support for each other, especially for the first act of night Stand Atlantic, with Costello even wearing their T-shirt from their merchandise stand. The whole night was filled with love and support from the bands and the crowd as well as high energy. If you’ve never seen any of these bands and want a fun night out then I highly recommend you see if this tour is hitting somewhere near you!


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