The flashbacks will not stop! The buzz in my bones is still rattling my rack!

Belfast once again, plays host to some of the top and most exciting young artists out there today, who insist on keeping it real and feeding us fresh and exciting material! “Rock is dead”- my butt! There truly IS no rest for the wicked. Plant your feet firmly on the ground, and take it like a rocker.

The newly formed Raveneye, take to the stage for the second time in as many months, exploding with energy of volcanic proportions. Oli Brown (multi-award-winning Blues Artist) obviously enjoying unleashing his dark side upon us like a 11844263_10153471175778397_1696421595_ndemon let loose from hell. When ‘Oli’ climbs on-board the shoulders of fellow rocker and bassist ‘Aaron Spiers’ mid set, he sent the crowd into a frantic stampede forward to join him, as he stood on monitors, hanging over the barrier belting out a truly awesome solo! ‘Aaron’ and ‘Oli’ take turns to come forward throughout the show into the pit. This often an awesome spectacle felt as intimate as traditional, Irish fireside night shenanigans, rather than being entertained by the hand-picked buddies of the Rock God,Slash.

Yours truly was front and centre of the barrier, and melting on it may I add, absorbing the sizzling hot action like a burger on a grill!

‘Breaking Out’– the single and video released from their stunning new EP was an absolute crowd pleaser and my favourite, with ‘Oli’ discharging every ounce of his very apparent fun and passion for the rock he was delivering, and imparting that raw excitement into the very fibres of the rock clad crowd before him. ‘Hey Yeah Yeah’ beckoned audience participation. They did not and could not fail to join him, as this genius of a young man showcased his vintage blues/rock skills, sliding his guitar on drums and symbols and often taking time outs, to elevate the presence of his worthy ‘compadres’ ‘Aaron Spiers’ and ‘Kev Hickman’; ‘Aaron’ 11815964_10153471175643397_559660121_nadvancing centre stage, with just as many dramatic attributes as his bombastic frontman. ‘Kev Hickman’, drummer extraordinaire, smiling with the hugest and most infectious smile I’ve ever seen, blasting impeccable beat after beat while, ‘lasering’ that smile out over the crowd like an apocalyptic ray of sunshine, standing up and encouraging even more mayhem every chance he got!

Get out there and see this band on the first opportunity that you can! You will NOT be disappointed. Their new EP ‘Breaking Out’ was released worldwide on 11th of May and has not been taken out of my stereo system since. Raveneye is one dynamic and power ladened rock band, full of the joys of life, and I for one felt very privileged and elated at the end of such an awesome show. Raveneye is genuinely and I can tell, consistently, going to knock the socks right off you time and time again.


Words by Brenda

Photos by Darren McVeigh



Get It Started

Come With Me

Hey Hey Yeah

No Bodies Soul

Breaking Out

You Got It

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