Maximum impact! This was precisely what RavenEye brought to the Diamond Rock Club; the penultimate show of their splendid UK tour, kicking off 2016 as they meant to go on. All guns blazing! RavenEye were supported by the amazing Reigning Days and local symphonic metal band, Selene in N. Ireland.

 Selene played their hearts out in a powerful and dramatic style all of their own, with some catchy tunes and great riffs. However, in time with  confidence, as this band has only really been together a year,  I’d like to see Shonagh Lyons personality radiate more from the stage, because she does have an incredible voice.  With the likes of Lauren Hart (Once Human) and Ami Lee (Evanescence)  commanding the stage and paving the way as strong women to look up to, our Shonagh will soon be knocking it out of the ball park.

oli1Everything Oli Brown ever needed to be the phenomenal front man he is today, was quite simply, born in him. The stage is just an extension of his whole personality – his oxygen – his life force and all who have attended a RavenEye show, know exactly what I’m talking about. However, Oli doesn’t stand alone, not only is he an exceptionally talented singer, songwriter and musician, he’s also clever, as he’s surrounded himself with two equally talented and just as passionate team mates, in the shape of the bombastic bassist from Oz, Aaron Spiers, who comes from a  jazz  back ground.  (He also makes a mean cup of tea! Thanks Aaron!) But also the dynamic drum cover king Kev Hickman, (check out his drum covers on You Tube) who was recently endorsed by Natal, Paiste and Roland drums.

Together these three guys have achieved in less than two years what most musicians can only dream of, supporting the likes of Slash, Satriani and Deep Purple.

RavenEye are exactly what the music industry needs right now, and whether they agree with me or not is irrelevant. I have witnessed the sheer joyoli5 and exuberance that their audiences experience at their shows. They are a breath of fresh air!

The Diamond Rock Club may not have been jammed to the doors with punters, it may not be the biggest venue they have ever played, but when that first note from ‘Gonna Take’ was slam-dunked from the stage; the crowd knew they were getting the full package and more. No holds barred, it was an immense power house performance. The 11 tunes that followed were a mix of new material from a forthcoming record, and the awesome debut EP ‘Breaking Out’.

Oli jumps about the stage constantly – he’s in front of you then he’s gone; off the stage and playing to one person at a time, making everyone there feel like it was a private party. Balancing precariously on the bass drum one minute and the monitors the next, it was exhausting watching him.  Aaron and Kev with permanent Cheshire grins on their faces as the three lads exchanged heart warming glances at each other, very clearly enjoying themselves. A personal highlight was when Oli put one foot on the bass drum, Aaron ran over and did the same, then Kev not wanting to be left out stood up and put his foot on also; it was a side splitter!

oli2Beautiful deliveries of the tunes ‘Nobodies Soul’, ‘Wanna Feel You’ and ‘Home Sweet Home’ were just breath-taking, and saturated in soulful passion. The vocals are a mix of grit and heart that render the audience defenceless and captivated. The RavenEye sound has well and truly been defined, and a new album of more of the same is long over due. Heading back into the EP again for the closing numbers encouraged a sing-along to ‘Hey Hey Yeah’ which thrilled everyone, as Oli  the ever charismatic showman made sure the crowd sang louder, and the place just erupted for the song we’d all been waiting for and sadly the last one, ‘Breaking out’.

From a blues boy sensation to creating RavenEye and becoming a Rock God in the blink of an eye, Oli Brown has made the world his oyster and has a crystal clear view of where this band are going. This is a journey that I have already packed for and am looking forward to. The humbling fact is that we have been privy to something special from its inception, and in years to come when this young band will be seen as the innovators and inspiration to the world, I for one will be jumping up and down shouting, I was there! Get yourselves to a RavenEye show ASAP and have no regrets; this band are so down to earth and completely accessible to their fans, because they are smart enough to appreciate who will help catapult them to the top.

Words By Brenda

Photo’s by Mark McGrogan















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