A summery day in June saw me interviewing upcoming rockers the Rainbreakers at the intimate Ypres Tavern in Sittingbourne. Travelling all the way from Shrewsbury and often going back home after each performance to meet work commitments, the Rainbreakers are a truly dedicated and hardworking band that produce exceptional performances.


The Rainbreakers are four of the humblest guys I have ever met consisting of Ben on vocals, Charlie on lead guitar, Peter on bass and Sam on drums. I received the best greeting when I turned up at the venue as the guys have just recently acquired a beautiful white Shitzu crossed with a Westie named Millie who was so friendly and kept licking me! I was welcomed with open arms by the whole band and felt so comfortable sat watching them set up all their equipment and self-made merchandise stand which I must say is pretty cool! They instantly informed me they are the least rock ‘n’ roll band I’ll ever meet having ordered a simple pepperoni pizza and favouring water over beer, but I have to say that couldn’t be further from the truth when watching them perform. They totally blew me away.


Kicking the set off with ‘On My Own’ demonstrated their full sound and Charlie’s crafted use of the Cry Baby. The next song ‘Pacing Like Prince’, showed off the bands tight relationship and proved that they are well rehearsed. Up next was a new song called ‘Need Your Love’ which the band had recently been opening their shows with. It has that classic Rainbreakers style of sound and a Hendrix influenced guitar solo. Ben’s vocals were fantastic and they received a great crowd response and huge applause.


Ben was sure to make it clear with the next two tracks that ‘Waiting On You’ isn’t a love song and ‘Perception’ is sort of a love song however, he thinks they sound like it should be the other way round. Whatever your take is on this the performance of both tracks was fantastic. The seventh track in the set was a brilliant cover of ‘Hey Joe’, which fitted the sound of the Rainbreakers set really well.


After the band had a short break to grab a beer from the bar and let the audience have a chat about their great performance so far they came back on with ‘Third Stone From The Sun/If You Love Me Like You Say’ which showed the strong friendships between each band member as they all look to each other while playing and give the odd nod and smile. The drums laid out by Sam in this track show his incredible skill and control over the dynamics and allowed for a softer beat to provide a prominent vocal section allowing Ben to stand out.


Just before the next song was played, Ben went on to tell the audience about who inspires them and the enthusiasm of the band really shone through for these artists with them urging the audience to go and look up the ‘The Wood Brothers’. They then continued to talk about their rehearsal space and how they have created an area called ‘Palette Land’, a construction quite literally made out of wooden pallets where they can all hang out and go for a cigarette.


The band then performed another new track called ‘Got Me When She Wants’ which had the whole band constantly turning to look and follow Sam on drums who was laying down such a perfectly timed and well performed beat. The twelfth track in the set was the title of their newly released EP ‘Rise Up’ which was written on the back of an electric heater because the band had no paper and its inspired by the upheaval in today’s society concerning Donald Trump and Brexit.


In my notes that I have written down ready for this very review I have the word ‘speechless’ written by song thirteen ‘When My Train Pulls In’. This was an absolutely outstanding performance by lead guitarist Charlie and he received a huge round of applause at the end of his solo. Track fourteen ‘Aint Nothing Going On’ allows Peter to really shine as it has a really cool bass line and Sam’s drum solo at the end was stunning. The set finished on an encore of a Hendrix classic ‘All Along The Watchtower’ which was performed very well and left the crowd applauding and whistling at the Rainbreakers who had just provided an amazing set of music and performed it to the highest level.


Review By Cerys Keen

Photography By Karl Standen


Set List

Song 1 – On My Own

Song 2 – Pacing Like Prince

Song 3 – Need Your Love

Song 4 – Waiting On You

Song 5 – Perception

Song 6 – Blood Not Brass

Song 7 – Hey Joe 

Song 8 – Black and Blue/Bright Lights


Song 9 – Third Stone From The Sun/ If You Love Me Like You Say

Song 10 – On My Knees

Song 11 – Got Me When She Wants

Song 12 – Rise Up

Song 13 – When My Train Pulls In

Song 14 – Ain’t Nothing Going On

Encore 15 – All Along The Watchtower

You can purchase their latest EP from their website, Google Play, iTunes and you can also stream it from Spotify.


Website: http://www.therainbreakers.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rainbreakers/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRainbreakers
Spotify: @Rainbreakers


The RainBreakers

The RainBreakers

The RainBreakers

The RainBreakers

The RainBreakers

The RainBreakers

The RainBreakers

The RainBreakers

The RainBreakers

The RainBreakers

The RainBreakers

The RainBreakers

The RainBreakers

The RainBreakers



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