Paradise Lost – Outshine – Owlcrusher - Live Review - Limelight Belfast
Paradise Lost – Outshine – Owlcrusher - Live Review - Limelight Belfast
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Paradise Lost rolled into Belfast like the Juggernaut they are, with Melodic Dark Metal four-piece Outshine and local lads Owlcrusher in tow.

First up Owlcrusher, this local trio have been bringing their Heavy Sludge gnarly sound to local audiences for years and were a perfect fit for tonight’s proceedings. Laying down the foundations for the night ahead, their spine crushing sound can fill any room to bursting point and leave no-one in any doubt that Owlcrusher have been in the building.

Outshine yet another fine Swedish export take the evening to another level, a fine vocal performance from front man Tony Jelencovich rammed home the quality of this tight unit. Booming riffs and heavy melodic song writing filled the room and won over more than a few new fans on a heavy, dark evening in Belfast. Outshine played a short but sweet set taking us over their back catalogue and a taster of what is to come. 2018 could well be a big year for these guys.

The lights dim and the sound of hell itself resonates through the speakers, the anticipation in the crowd builds as the bands roadie nears the door in preparation to let the band onto the stage. A roar greets these Gothic giants as they grab their respective instruments and lash into their ominous set. ‘From The Gallows’ kicks off proceedings and the crowd immediately immerse themselves in the gritty sound, thumping double bass, screaming guitars are the order of the night.

Heads banging all around me the smiles far and wide as the crowd soak up this dark engaging performance on stage, suddenly it stops, and a roar erupts in appreciation and Paradise Lost have just announced their arrival at the Limelight Belfast. ‘Hallowed Land’ follows, with a more up-tempo looser feel, clean vocals replacing the growl of the previous number and a different vibe hits the floor. The band draped in backlight rock on and the room is bouncing to the pulsating rhythm.

The guys work their way through new and old material, a piano intro to ‘One Second’ signifies something akin to an emotive number as front man Nick Holmes screams into his microphone, with a melodic bridge and wailing guitar solo it’s a powerful performance which pulls the audience in further. The crowd around me slowly surges further forward as they are buying into the evening more and more.

Paradise Lost rip their way through old and new fan favourites as well as from their recent release Medusa, the audience embracing each and every track with a bigger, louder roar of appreciation each time.

A powerhouse performance indeed and as the boys wrap up the evening with their encores, ‘No Hope In Sight’, ‘Longest Winter’ and Say Just Words’ the Belfast crowd leave begging for more.

A behemoth night of music by all involved and beautifully wrapped up by the gargantuan sounding quintet that are, Paradise Lost.


Photography : Liam Kielt


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