Pallbearer - Godthrymm - Live Review - The Fleece - Bristol
Pallbearer - Godthrymm - Live Review - The Fleece - Bristol
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A first at The Fleece in Bristol and have heard nothing but great things about the place for years, so an exciting time all round.

With an 8.15pm start it was surprisingly quiet, but the crowd started to gather and the room slowly filled up as I grabbed a beer and setup camp at the back near the sound booth.

As Godthrymm set up, the atmosphere picked up and with no introduction they launched into their set and got the show on the road.

The first thing I noticed was the lead singer, Hamish Hamilton Glencross’ voice; a signature sound of this genre and that the band were absolutely nailing it.

After a half an hour set, Glencross gave a humble speech about Bristol to end their act. And not just a speech every town gets – you could see this was genuine. Many from the crowd approached him afterwards where he had no qualm about having photos taken and talking to them.  He was such a nice dude and a real pleasure to talk to!

It’s fair to say that Godthrymm are a seriously underrated band and really set the scene for the rest of the night with a short but powerful set.

Pallbearer were up on stage next and the first time seeing them play live, so very curious.  Even though I’ve heard a few of their tracks, it was going to be interesting to see if they were all they were hyped up to be.

With a few technical difficulties to deal with and bearing in mind it was quite early on a Thursday evening, they had a great ovation from the start and the crowd were still very lively!  Joseph Rowland on bass ripped around the stage as the others threw themselves into every track giving it 110%, interacting with the crowd from start to finish as they powered through their set.

Their classics were well received as the crowd lit up. During one guitar solo, there was a real sort of melancholy moment that had the crowd drawn in and lost in the track. The entire venue became euphoric until the bass kicked in and everyone cheered.

Glencross from Godthrymm came up on stage to join them and all that can be said is now it’s a party! That extra guitar just took it up a notch to a main event level.

It has to be said that a crowd really makes the night with a band and this crowd were behind every damn track both bands played. And who can blame them?  The music was great and the interaction was awesome.

Lastly there was a huge shout out to a big Pallbearer fan at the back of the room.  The gentleman was blind and sat next to me all evening. He stood up for every ovation, every applause and cheered for Pallbearer the entire time. A lot of respect was given as guys came over to him offering to buy him a beer for his legendary commitment to Pallbearer.  A truly heart warming moment from a ton of humble people in the crowd.

Pallbearer will carry on their worldwide tour until October and also have a slot at this years Bloodstock Festival…..for all you doomsters out there, be sure you catch em!


Photography: Emma Painter


Review by Allan Lawrence


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