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Yet another dark, dank evening in Birmingham. However, the amount of people loitering outside in their cars, waiting for The Asylum to open, continues to grow, because on the bill tonight are four bands crammed into 3½ hours of extreme and brutal music. The fans have turned out early to start the evening bang on the doors opening.



First up are Graveslave from America, who are visiting the UK on tour for the first time. I heard the majority of this set from backstage due to interviewing the vocalist from Origin. However, when I made my way back round the front there was a reasonable crowd starting to convene and those present were warming to the blast beats and start of the extreme evening.


Their relatively short set ends and more people start to venture in getting ready for Brutal Death Metal band Hideous Divinity. The Italians’ sound check gives everyone a preview of the intensity that is to come and when they hit the stage with matching shirts and the lights cut, the reality hits.

The sound hits you like a jackhammer to the face, the drummer needing his headphones so his ears aren’t permanently damaged, guitarists swinging their hair around and vocalist moving around very animated with his growling vocals. This combination is clearly a crowd pleaser as everyone moves forward, fighting the current of noise coming from in front of them. There are loud cheers and lots of applause between tracks and there is a clear mutual appreciation by the end of the set. There is no denying how impressive it is to see such an extremely tight, extremely good brutal Death Metal band play live. The bar has been set.


Next to hit the stage are a band that clearly have a good following, as there are tee shirts, hoodies and hats being worn around the room. Rings of Saturn are on stage and there is clear excitement as the opening theme to ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ plays, even though there appears to be a guitarist missing.

As soon as the intro is over, the space-themed Technical Death Metal onslaught begins. As the one guitarist begins to display his incredible talent, the drummer blast beats his way through the set whilst the vest-clad vocalist uses his microphone effect to create an alien like aggressive vocal. This combination completely takes over sections of the audience as they are bent double energetically moving with the frantic pace of the music.

With the occasional sample mixed in and a little twist on ‘Smooth’ by Santana, the set flies through and soon the set is complete, to loud applause and cheers from those watching.


The anticipation builds waiting for the headline act, and as they take the stage, waiting for their cue, no member of Origin is stationary as the adrenaline starts to take effect. When the sound kicks in, the straight up Technical Death Metal is incredible. The crowd are loving every second, and it’s really easy to understand why, and become immersed by its enormity. The extreme vocals produced by Jason Keyser have high pitches followed by deep growls, showing the versatility that is replicated throughout the band. Paul Ryan on lead guitar plays a constant change of note that is matched by bassist Mike Flores, who is slapping the strings and playing up the neck of the instrument.

The floor is a mass of heads banging to the incredible pace of the drums produced by John Longstreth. However, things take another step up when Keyser makes everyone aware that it is the 10thanniversary of the album Antithesis,and then the room starts to explode to the sound of ‘Wrath of Vishnu’ leaving no person still.

Origin have clearly stepped it up a gear and the intensity increases from the stage, and it is clear why the band have been around for an impressive amount of time.

The vocals continue to push the aggression and at times it is just incredible to see such technical material played with such togetherness, speed and accuracy, however, Origin aren’t finished yet. Keyser reminds everyone that Origin have been a band for 20 years and it was time to remember gigs the old-fashioned way – not by camera phones, but bruised bones and bloodied knuckles – and suggests a circle pit forms, which clearly it does. ‘Truthslayer’ kicks in and the sound and passion is unreal as emotion and energy is literally pouring from the stage.


Origin have shown that brutal and extreme music can produce exciting and relevant gigs that are loved by those in attendance and should be talked about for some considerable amount of time. It has been a long time since a band have impressed me to this degree, and I think that the crowd are of a similar mindset.


Review By Ed Ford

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03.04: Haarlem (NLD) – Patronaat
04.04: Nijmegen (NLD) – Doornroosje
05.04: Hamburg (GER) – Bambi Galore
06.04: Aarhus (DNK) – Royal Metal Fest +
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+ No Graveslave
ORIGIN – Accident And Error (from Unparalleled Universe album)

For 20 years, ORIGIN has engaged a full-blown sensory assault of tight, taut, and technical death metal amplified by flashes of grindcore and groove. 2017’s “Unparalleled Universe” sees the quartet – Paul Ryan (guitar, vocals), John Longstreth (drums), Mike Flores (bass, vocals), and Jason Keyser (vocals) – strengthen that blueprint with a handful of surprises.

“It feels like an Origin album, but it’s unparalleled to what you might expect if you haven’t heard us for 10 or 15 years” says Ryan. “To me, it’s a true reflection of ourselves. I compare it to an action movie. Our earlier material is filled with action from beginning to end. Now, the idea is to add a little more depth and dynamics. You could say there are some twists in the plot musically”.

“Unparalleled Universe” was recorded and mixed at Chapman Studios alongside longtime collaborator and engineer Robert Rebeck (Tech N9ne). The band emerged with ten new songs including a cover of Brujeria‘s “Revolución”, that were mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth – The Thousand Caves (Altar of Plagues, Jarobe, Krallice), and wrapped in a cover designed by Filip Ivanovic(Dismember, Cryptopsy, Heavy Montreal, Gorguts). The album was released to critical acclaim via Agonia Records in Europe and Nuclear Blast Records in North America.

Paul Ryan – guitar and backing vocals
John Longstreth – drums
Mike Flores – bass and backing vocals
Jason Keyser – lead vocals
ORIGIN – Cascading Failures, Diminishing Returns (Lyric Video)
ORIGIN – Accident And Error (Band Playthrough)
ORIGIN on-line:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Origin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/originband
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/originband/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/OriginOfficialAgonia Records:
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