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The Key Club in Leeds was host to the next stop on Northlanes UK tour. Alongside them was support from ERRA, Invent, Animate, and Ocean Grove. With this quality on show, fans were ready for a night of pure Hardcore Metal.

With such a large line up, doors were early to accommodate Ocean Grove taking the stage at 7pm. Having recently released their latest album Rhapsody Tapes their half hour set saw some highlights from this especially with track “Intimate Alien”. Their distinct mix of Synth, Rap and Metal was put together perfectly on stage and it was clear to see who their fans were and I’m sure they made plenty more tonight.

Second on the stage tonight were Invent, Animate and this is where the pit opened up. The American Metalcore band were ready to take their fans through the huge riffs and breakdowns which saw fans go wild. With this being their first time on the UK it was a warm welcome from fans here and it was clear that they had been waiting a while for this night.

The third and final support act was ERRA, and by this point the crowd was well and truly up for it. Since their 2016 release Drift it has been a long wait for fans to finally see these guys live in the UK. ERRA received a warm welcome from the crowd tonight as they played through hits from Drift, Augment and Impulse albums. The Djent innovators played a superb set that proved their success with classic tracks such as “White Noise”. With their choppy breakdowns and the ever increasing intensity, it was a truly well out together set list. To close the set the band ended with a bang and played “Skyline” with the crowd joining in. For the crowd tonight it was certainly worth the wait for this Progressive Metal Band.

The headliners tonight were Northlane, and they were ready to play to this crowd. Marcus Bridge’s usual cheerful personality took over the stage and with his masked band, Northlane had arrived in Leeds. Playing a set that was mainly new material from their new release Mesmer, the crowd was treated to tracks such as “Citizen” and “Color wave”. That’s not to say that fans weren’t treated to some classics such as “Quantum Flux” and “Disposition” which certainly went down well with the crowd. Bridge’s vocals were exceptional throughout the night with a tone that sounds like it’s straight from the album. Another highlight performance was with drummer Nick Pettersen whose aggressive playing and technical talent stole the show. It was an all round spectacular show which only ended on a high note with the band playing “Paragon” from the Mesmer album.


Without a doubt tonight all 4 bands put on a great show that was exactly what this crowd was waiting for. With stand out performances from each band, it was a night for these fans to remember.


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