Northlane – Dream Awake – Symptoms Of Silence – Live Review – Limelight Belfast
Northlane – Dream Awake – Symptoms Of Silence – Live Review – Limelight Belfast
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Belfast hosed yet again a mammoth night of savage music in the form of two local and brutal Metalcore bands supporting the mighty Northlane, the boys were wrapping up a three date tour of Ireland whilst over this side of the pond mixing it up with the big boys at this weekends Slam Dunk Festival in the UK.


Symptoms Of Silence:


A five-piece Metalcore band hailing from Portrush, Northern Ireland, these crazy kids hit the stage with a vengeance and did not take their feet off the gas the whole set. With brutal intensity they set about ripping The Limelight a new one and had the crowd fully immersed in their pounding riffs and gargantuan sounding tracks like seasoned pros. The die-hard fans were up front and centre giving it large whilst mosh pits formed behind them and those who couldn’t handle the heat dove for cover. A technical set fused with slamming riffs made for an engaging and angst ridden set, A behemoth introduction to what would be an evening of audible violence ensured Symptoms Of Silence would not be forgotten anytime soon.


Dream Awake:


Whilst the Belfast crowd were still catching their breath after a thirty-minute battering from SOS, Dream Awake took to the stage and took their positions as a backing track announced their arrival. With dual vocalists in Dave Houston and Conor Kelly they offer an alternative sound to the all out savagery of SOS. No less energetic or angst ridden they bring a melodic interlude in their sound that broadens their audience beyond the hardcore audience. Full on in your face for their set Dream Awake are relentless in their energy pushing the boundaries where they can to stamp their authority on tonight’s proceedings. Intense and ferocious from the off there is little rest bite for the Belfast crowd. Wrapping proceedings up with their latest single and fan favourite ‘Dispersion’ it was the perfect ending to a vicious and merciless performance by the Belfast quintet.


Northlane :


Cometh the hour and cometh the band, Northlane are that band. Hailing from Sydney Australia this powerhouse quintet had a gathering wound up tighter than a gymnast’s ass. Shit was about to get real and the time had arrived for all that pent up aggression and mania to be unleashed. Northlane brought a wave of fury and brutish ferocity to the Limelight tonight with precision and technical savagery rarely seen. A barbaric set caved the walls in on a hungry and willing Belfast crowd that put the icing on an already Metal filled cake.


Vocalist Marcus Bridge was on point as were his comrades as they treated the Irish crowd to an education in technical proficiency and archaic song writing.  Playing new and old fan favourites they ploughed through a catalogue of tracks that had the room pumping from the off, their latest offering Mesmer brought a new nuance totonight’s proceedings as each and everyone in the room absorbed it’s splendour live.


Belfast was more than willing to take everything Northlane had to throw at them and give it back tenfold, until next time ladies, Ireland North and South will be ready and waiting.


Review & Photography : Mark McGrogan


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