Nickelback - Seether - Live Review - Leeds Arena
Nickelback - Seether - Live Review - Leeds Arena
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It’s been a long time since Nickelback last came over to the UK and it’s about time too.
Having released their latest album over a year ago there was no tour scheduled over here to
promote Feed The Machine. However this latest tour is something of a greatest hits style as
fans were treated to favourites new and old. Playing at the First Direct Arena on a Saturday
night was every Yorkshire fans perfect night.

As supporting acts go, the choice for this tour was a very good decision with Seether . This is
a band who have seen success over the years and were certainly well known by this crowd.
Having just a 6 track set, they made the most of it by playing a hit off almost every album
released. This was clearly an excellent choice as fans got to hear some of their favourite
tracks from throughout the years. What appeared to be the favourite though tonight was
“Country Song” as well as “Fake It” and “Remedy”. Seether put on an excellent show tonight
which was a great way to get this crowd going.

As a countdown begins on the large screen the crowd starts to get hyped for the headline
act. What happens at the end of this however is not the band heading onstage but in fact a
promo video for what appears to be a documentary based on the band with a release
labeled as just coming soon. Once this is over the music continues to play as the crowd
keeps up the energy with a sing along to The Darkness.

There was not long to wait before the lights went out and the anticipation for Nickelback to
play grew. Heading straight into the self titled track from the latest album the crowd went
mental. It was clear to see already that these were some absolute fans in the audience and I
am not ashamed to say I was one of those.

What makes a Nickelback gig something that everyone should witness at least once in their
lives before judging the band is frontman Chad Kroeger . His energy from the moment he
hits centre stage is infectious and completely bounces off guitarist Ryan Peake. He speaks
to the crowd so openly and so honestly and with a genuine love for being on the stage. He
jokes around and tonight told stories behind writing some of songs that have been loved by
fans over the years.

Speaking of much loved songs, the crowd were treated tonight with classics such as
“Someday”, “Lullaby” and “Far Away”. But as well as these softer songs there were definitely
some made for jumping around and letting off some steam with “Figured You Out” and
“Animals” making the set list tonight. But what would a Nickelback concert be without the
extremely popular “Rockstar” which as tradition goes has the band pull two members of the
crowd up on stage to sing along. Lucky fans Nicole and Zack certainly won’t forget this night
and thanks to one fans honesty about being apart of this tradition before meant that these
guys got to experience the ultimate fan experience. And while we mention ultimate songs,
the band played what will have been the first song they would ever hear by this band, the
classic “How You Remind Me”.

As well as all this great music, that might I add is played superbly, there were also some
hidden gems thrown into the mix that appear to change each night. For the fans in Leeds,
we were treated to the fantastic “She Keeps Me Up” which is rarely played on tour by the
band due to its more funk sound despite it being one of many fans favourites guessing by
the sound of the crowd. We also got an even bigger treat as Kroeger decided to play the
even rarer live version of “Hero” which was the soundtrack to the 2002 version of

The band also took the crowd back in time with a throwback to their very firstalbum way before “How You Remind Me” ever made it to the radio. For those die hard fans
in the audience they got the unexpected medley of hits from the album Curb and judging by
the reaction this received there was plenty of those fans out tonight.
Closing the night with “Gotta Be Someone” and the huge drinking anthem “Burn It To The
Ground” what could be a more perfect way to end a Saturday night.
Having seen my fair share of Nickelback concerts (I won’t reveal quite how many!) this
certainly lived up to what we have come to expect from these guys. It may not have been as
over the top as some shows with pyro and confetti but there was something more honest
and raw about tonight’s set. This was simply a group of friends who played songs from over
the years that both their fans love and the ones that they love too. So my only question now
is when’s the next tour??


Review : Emmie Ellis 

Photography : Mark Ellis / Shoot The Groove


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