Miscreant - The Cartographer - Ursus - Live Review - The Old Blue Last - London
Miscreant - The Cartographer - Ursus - Live Review - The Old Blue Last - London
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Each part of London has its own kind of vibe and style when it comes to its provinces. You have the famous dark streets of Camden town with its history of Punk, Rock and Metal. Chelsea, which is must be famous for something other than the upper-class fancy pants that live there, maybe. Then you have Old street and Shoreditch which is known for its graffiti that covers whole neighbourhoods and its more edgy music scene where genres are blurred .This is the type of neighbourhood you wouldn’t imagine seeing long haired, bearded dudes wearing all black and screaming into a mic till the sun goes down, but damn you got to love a black sheep. The venue is The Old Blue Last which is known for its involvement with VICE and its own crafted beer.

As you walk past a bar that looks like it came straight out the 1920’s, you can see a small door which leads up to a modest venue which must only be able to hold 100 to 150 people at a push. The stage is nice fit for 5 people max, they wouldn’t be able throw themselves about but they have room to play with.

The First band where URSUS from the South West of the UK. These boys are the type of band you want to open with. The stage is dark, the band hooded, then a blast of lights and noise set the tone for the night. The lead really put his energy into getting the room into the mood, the twangs of the guitar and the double bass pedal make you pull that frowning angry face when you hear sweet deep beat.


One thing that always stand out when it comes to live music is this, you could be the most talented musician in the country but if you don’t put on a show and get the crowd going then most people aren’t interested. Each band from that night put all of their passion into it and that stands out.

The Cartographer is one band that can create an atmosphere, their intro track was ominous and the light to darker aspect of their music. One thing to note is that they took extra time in the changeover to make sure their sound was what they wanted even after sound check and that is something respect, they wouldn’t settle for mediocre. The way the guitar can pierce through the beefy bass and drums made the band stand out, along with their stage presence. They are keen on using a few synths in their songs which took me by surprise, they didn’t need it as the band work well together and each member knew what they were doing.  The lead singer spent the duration of the last song on the floor screaming his heart out, he made his way to the front stage with the crowd where he went onto pour an entire bottle of water over his head and curl into a ball, drained and satisfied.


Lastly Miscreant, the room is lit with a deep red like a scene from a Saw movie. They played well and with the other bands in the room to support them you can tell this is a tight community of people who are here to enjoy each other’s craft. They had a slightly different vibe to the other bands, the leads singers slightly psychotic swaying on stage gave their presence a bit of an edge. One thing to mention though is the bassist was a delight to watch play, his presence on stage and backing vocals were on point! You could tell he was having the time of his life, Bassists don’t get enough credit so here it is. Not bad for a Tuesday night.



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