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Canadian Blues artist JW Jones performed at London’s Borderline on Saturday 2nd December with support from the Rainbreakers.

The stage appearance is set up in a way you would expect most Blues performances to look in the city, opposite a bar with up lighting in the shelving, adorned with all kinds of potions to produce various cocktails with clear, unobtrusive lighting flooding the stage and a simple layout of quality musical instruments with the members of the band dressed smartly like they’re about to attend a meeting.

Suitable for any Blues fan, JW Jones and his band bring something to the live experience by not just playing their respective instruments, but by putting on a performance and keeping the crowd on their toes. The songs in the set featured material off High Temperature, JW Jones’ latest album with ‘Price You Pay’ and the title track ‘High Temperature’. Passion begun to shine through midway in the set when a track was performed called ‘West Side Magic Boogie’, an unusual name that poses many questions regarding what to expect from this track, introduced as a ‘nod to West Side of Chicago’, this track provided a whirlwind of traditional Blues guitar that features rhythms reminiscent to that of Little Walter. The crowd were encouraged to clap in time to the rhythm on the song adding an extra dimension to the performance and sound.

The striking and unique aspect to this Blues performance came towards the end when JW Jones performed a medley of various well-known riffs such as ‘Brown Sugar’, the theme to ‘Pulp Fiction’ and of course a Jimmy Hendrix riff was thrown in. The band then decided to show off their talents by swapping instruments, JW Jones on lead guitar and vocals took over the drum kit from Will Laurin who was handed the bass by Laura Greenberg who grabbed the role of lead guitar. This exchange was produced seamlessly as each member kept the music going while swapping over and they were just as good with their swapped instruments, as they were with their primary instruments, an impressive performance indeed. The finale to the set was Laura and Will helping JW Jones to play the lead guitar with each member of the band taking hold of a section on the guitar and producing a fun ending to the set.

JW Jones is a true showman and has a deep passion for the blues that shines through in both his playing and the stories he tells the audience. ‘High Temperature’ was released on Solid Blues Records via Proper Distribution and is available to purchase now.


Website: http://www.jw-jones.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jwjonesblues/
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