Ink – The Kenneth's - Live Review – The Key Club - Leeds
Ink – The Kenneth's - Live Review – The Key Club - Leeds
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It is time to finally see INK live in Leeds tonight. Playing a smaller venue in The Key Club it was time to get up close and personal with this new on the scene band. The crowd tonight was 3 parts, one for fans of the band, one for fans of Dougie Poynter, and one for the friends and family of local boy Corey Alexander. But what a night it was for each of these!

The Kenneth’s are the support act for the night and are up first. Their blend of high- energy pop punk is certainly the best way to start your Monday night. The front man is charismatic from the start and keeps the crowds interest throughout the set. The guys are well received by the crowd and I’ve no doubt they will have made new fans tonight.

Now it is time for our headline act to take the stage. The girls have pushed closer and there is a sense of anticipation in the air! But as the lights go down and the crowd gets ready the unexpected happens. The beginning of the lead song from the Disney hit ​Frozen ​begins to play. As the song kicks in the crowd gets behind this and begin to belt out the lyrics to “Let It Go” while the stage remains empty. Towards the end, the band finally emerges on to the stage to the screams from the crowd. INK has arrived and they waste no more time as they head into “Fever” from their debut EP. This then lead into “Back To The Noise” before the band took some time to speak to the crowd.

Dougie Poynter took the role of front man which worked being the most recognisable member and being the one unfortunately most of this crowd was solely here to see. But despite this Poynter made sure to draw the crowds attention to the rest of the band specifically Todd Dorigo, the bands singer. Poynter also took the time to mention that Leeds was a gig they had looked forward to as it is the hometown of drummer Corey Alexander and his friends and family were clearly seen throughout the crowd tonight.

The band clearly had a great bond and relationship as it could be seen on stage with them joking around with each other and the crowd. As events happened throughout the night it was clear as day that these guys were all about having a good time tonight and sharing those moments with the crowd.

Whether it be Poynter encouraging Dorigo to show off his hip moves to the crowd or sharing the tale of Alexander falling from his seat while playing a gig a few nights back, it was all done with the banter that a close group of friends would have. And it’s these relationships that always show on stage and make a night more memorable and relatable for fans.

Back to the music and there was two extremely unexpected tracks played by the band. Having only just realised their first 5 track EP you have to wonder what else the band will play to fill a headlining set and what these guys pulled out the bag was the last thing I certainly expected. The first of these was to create their own spin on the ABBA (yes ABBA) classic “Lay All Your Love On Me”. This certainly got the crowd singing along and was in fact a very different and unique version of the song that worked maybe too well! The second surprise was towards the end of the night as they did another cover in their own unique way and that was “Cheap Thrills” by Sia. This definitely had the crowd singing along as Poynter got the crowd singing the classic line “I’ve got cheap thrills” back at the band.

But the night had more surprises as it went on. Dorigo took the chance to become part of the crowd as they played a brand new track “Satellite”. After which Poynter joked about not having the talent to do such a thing but if we’re honest it was probably safer for him to stay on the stage! Poynter did however steal the spotlight as he got some audience participation. He got the lights turned off and asked to count down from 5, which should have resulted in his bass lighting up the stage, but as these things sometimes go, the lights on stage went up instead the first time. But this only allowed for us to do it again and this time see the lights in all their glory.

As the night drew to a close the band took the decision to make an outfit change before their final song. In Poynters words it was time to do a ‘Mariah Carey’. Now this outfit change saw Poynter take his jacket off but did see Dorigo put on a football jersey. Not quite as spectacular as Carey but this crowd loved it anyway. Playing their final song of the night with “Heaven”, they got the crowd to join in one last time as they bounced across the floor. It was easily a great show and great night for both the crowd and the band tonight. Although for some fans the night was not over yet as the band took the time for a meet and greet at the end of the show. Could it be a more perfect night for fans for INK here in Leeds tonight? I don’t think so. With more dates yet to be played they are definitely worth checking out for a good night and a great show.


Review : Emmie Ellis

Photography : Jaina Rushforth


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