Have you ever been to a Folk Metal concert? If your answer is no then get to your nearest one! Headlining tonight to celebrate 15 years of music was Heidevolk. Doing just 4 shows in the UK they kick started the tour in Wakefield.

Opening for them was Sellsword and they certainly got the crowd ready for what we to be an all out metal night. Playing songs off their debut album “…And Now We Ride” Stuart Perry’s dramatic voice coupled with the intense guitars of Henry Mahy and James Stephenson take you back to another time. This is a band that is all about fun and despite a small power cut issue they showed they were not fazed and helped out the crowd at ease.

On stage next were Old Corpse Road with their intense guitars and heavy vocals. With their extreme vocals and Folk heavy music they had the crowd raising their “drinking horns” in salute.

Our main act for the night however really brought the house down. With a crowd of less than 100 people these Heidevolk fans were here to celebrate with the band. From the moment the band graced the stage the crowd moved forward and a night of Folk Metal was upon us.

Opening with ‘Winter Woede’ from their latest album these guys were tight right from the get go. The sound of both Lars Nachtbraecker and Jacco de Wijs working in harmony truly is something to behold. Having two vocalists is a rarity but in this case it works outstandingly as they both work together yet bounce off of each other.

Playing through their back catalogue the crowd tonight were treated to ‘Herboren In Vlammen’ and ‘Dondergod’ as well as ‘Het Wilde Heer’ .What stands out the most tonight is not which songs the guys are playing but how much of good time they are having while on stage. You cannot help but grin back at the men as they do what they enjoy the most. Kevin Storm and Rowan Roodbaert with their guitar and bass were clearly having the time of their lives as they bounced off each other’s energy as they grinned from ear to ear at each other.

The entire crowd was involved tonight as they jumped along and pumped their fists in the air. The guys also took the time to share with the crowd talking to them on a personal level and really engaging. Closing the show tonight with ‘Veleda’ this was truly a memorable show. For both the crowd and the band tonight I don’t think anyone will forget the show in a hurry. Even if you’re not a Folk Metal fan anyone can be pulled in with the atmosphere and thrill of the show for a truly enjoyable night.

Reviewed By Emmie Ellis

Photography By Mark Ellis / Shoot The Groove 

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