Scottish rockers GUN are currently out on the road promoting ‘Frantic’ their 7th studio album; I caught up with them at the Sheffield Corporation. Playing in one of the smaller rooms, although packed, I can’t help thinking after starting their careers playing stadiums supporting the likes of The Rolling Stones and Simple Minds they should be headlining arenas these days. That’s the breaks though and on opening track ‘Let it Shine’ they seem just pleased to be out there.

‘Don’t Say Its Over’ is the 1st track from the Mark Rankin vocal era we hear, the era I last saw them to be honest. As I listen with keen interest I’m thinking “is he as good as Mark on vocals” I quickly realise there’s nothing to worry about as Dante pulls this front man thing off pretty effortlessly it’s like he’s always been at the helm, it just fits, and with that the thought never crosses my mind again the whole night.

Next up is the classic ‘Better Days’. Earlier in the set than I imagined it would be but it works well early to really get the crowd going. Another track from ‘Frantic’ ‘One Wrong Turn’ leading into another couple of old tracks for the die hards, ‘Something to Believe In’ and ‘Money (everybody loves her)’, the room and the band now sweating profusely, particularly guitarist Jools, as his cap and guitar are soaked and dripping that much sweat I was for a brief second worried he was gonna go up in a blue light! That for sure is a sign of a band giving it their all.

Next up the song I’ve been waiting years to hear live again, or should I say sing live again, the incredible crowd participation track that is ‘Taking on the World’. I can only describe it as stunning! ‘Hold Your Head Up’ and the excellent, catchy ‘Labour of Life’ up next as the singing along continues. Up a notch again for old favourite ‘Inside Out’, mashed up with the chorus of The Police’ ‘So Lonely’ I’m sure you can imagine us all shouting ‘So Lonely, So Lonely’ and ‘Inside Out’ back to the band with the enthusiasm these lads deserve, superb stuff. I ask myself that can’t be topped can it? Well the bands biggest hit and legendary cover of Cameo’s ‘Word Up’ and their own big hitter ‘Steal Your Fire’ (or as it’s written on the set lists ‘Steal Your Tyres’) close this section of the show with the crowd going crazy, mouthing every single word. As the sweaty, happy, smiling crowd pause for breath awaiting the encore. Out they come after a quick breather with ‘Welcome to the Real World’ another track everybody in the room knows.

Dante explains the reason behind the next track and current single, Hot Chocolate’s ‘Every 1′s a Winner’; a song recorded with the proceeds going to the very worthy Marie Curie cancer charity, go buy or download it for a good cause. And an excellent version it is too, that 70,s riff rocked up and with the thumping bass it sounds awesome. Finishing the night with another olden but golden ‘Shame on You’. A night of hard rocking music and sweaty crowd participation at its very very best.

GUN are back! This line up is killing it right now, I think they may have found their groove. Let’s get them to the bigger arenas that they deserve to be playing for the years of hard work and solid music, as Dante said on stage “word of mouth is the best way to get us in the bigger rooms” go see them and spread the word.

Words by
Darren Thompson

GUN are
Dante Gizzi – Vocals
Jools Gizzi – Guitars
Paul McManus – Drums
Johnny McGlynn – Guitars
Andy Carr – Bass

Set list
1. Let it Shine
2. Don’t Say its Over
3. Better Days
4. One Wrong Turn
5. Something to Believe In
6. Money (everybody loves her)
7. Taking on the World
8. Hold Your Head Up
9. Labour of Life
10. Inside Out (So Lonely)
11. Word Up
12. Steal Your Fire
13. Welcome to the Real World
14. Every 1′s a Winner
15. Shame on You

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