1st of all let me say on behalf of everybody at Rock n Load our condolences to Glenn and his family on the loss of his mother on this very date.

As I said above with the passing of Glenn’s mother literally hours before the show, we would have understood if this gig had been cancelled tonight, so massive respect and love to Mr Glenn Hughes for going ahead.

Anyway on with what went down up on the stage.


Up first are the ever impressive and seemingly runaway train that are Stone Broken. On tour right around the UK and Europe opening for Glenn and on the back of today’s announcement of their 1st Download appearance, the midlands quartet never fail to get a crowd going with their brand of heavy melodic rock and catchy choruses, tearing through their around 30 min set with the usual raspy tones and big riffs,  highlights for me were the current single and staple big rock ballad Wait For You and closing set lister Not Your Enemy. From the excellent reaction of the crowd I am pretty sure they gained lots of new fans tonight, these guys will go far and deservedly so their is a place for them in the current music scene for sure.


On to the Voice Of Rock himself, I have got to be honest and say in my 80,s and 90,s led metal years Glenn Hughespassed me by. Of course I have heard of him and the many bands and projects he has 16506895_10154990700982302_1994011029_ncontributed to, I just was listening to other stuff, so its a debut Glenn Hughes gig for me.

And wow what have I been missing! He is named as the voice of rock for a reason, their was a point when, hang on I never mentioned yet, we are in a big converted church with great acoustics a massive halo of lights (note to the owners though, please get some spot lights facing the stage, a nightmare for photographers with the only lighting being behind and above the band! Looks great though) and lots of stain glass windows still intact around the building with a particular big one right behind the stage. OK I’ll carry on, voice of rock for a reason I started saying, I was genuinely worried that when Mr Hughes hit those high notes, that big stain glass window was going to come crashing down! There were people in the crowd at times just looking at each other, and I’m no lip reader but I can tell when people are mouthing Wow!

Tonight was quit an emotionally charged evening with Glenn feeding off the crowds appreciation and affection for the nights sad events and in my opinion delivering back a great performance. The band of Soren Anderson on guitar Pontus Engborg on drums and Jay Boe on Hammond keys are so in the groove which  when explained they had many many years together it was understandable, no hired guns but a solid established band behind the main man, who obviously was knocking out the low end on the bass himself.

I am not going to go through every song (check the setlist below) but just to say all eras are covered here, from solo albums Black Country Communion, Trapeze and of course a bit of MK 111 Deep Purple. I wont forget the emotion in Mr Hughes voice when speaking and I definitely  wont forget the voice when belting out those classic tracks. 16492303_10154990701082302_725921751_o

Thank you Mr Hughes for being a total pro and going ahead with the show, I am sure I speak for everyone who attended that we all hope you found some comfort in the knowledge that you and the band delivered a great memorable night for us all!


Words By – Darren Thompson

Main photo by Gavin Lowery


Set list –


2.Muscle And Blood

3.Getting Tighter

4.Stumble And Go


6.Cant Stop The Flood

7.One Last Soul

8.You Keep On Moving

9.Might Just Take Your Life

10.Soul Mover

11.Black Country




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