Geoff Tate - 'Operation Mindcrime 30th Anniversary Show' - Belfast Empire Music Hall
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Friday night in Belfast, what is a girl to do? How about a 30th Anniversary Show from say, one of the finest vocalists of the 90’s Geoff Tate? Well its funny you should say that, the legendary Queensrÿche front man was in town to celebrate such an event. Tonight the Belfast Empire would host Operation Mindcrime played in its entirety, Queensrÿche’s third landmark album and fan favourite.

Conjuring Fate would open proceedings, well established here in Northern Ireland the guys had a strong following in the room. They ripped their way through their set and got the crowd in tune for the night ahead. The boys clearly enjoyed playing to a home crowd with their signature heavy, melodic riffs and ripping solos. So much so their guitarist hit the floor to mingle with the locals. The boys played a short but sweet set and wrapped it up with a flurry of thumping double bass to make for a great set.


Set List:

Darkest Days

Marching Dead

Dr Frankestein

House On The Hunted Hill

Trust No One

Till Death Do Us Part would be the chalk to the cheese of Conjuring Fate, in a world of Amps Vs Apple Mac’s, Till Death Do Us Part represent the latter. Two laptops and more wiring than you’d see at NASA lay where the two Line 6 4×12’s once stood of Conjuring Fate. But when that first riff kicked in, all bets were off. For sure they were a contrast to the old school Metal of the Irish band but they were here to Rock!

Rock they did, a mix of Pop Rock songs fused in dark emotive melodies made for an interesting set and left an impression on a wise Belfast crowd.


Set List:






Blue Boy


Salt Water


Tonight was really only about one thing, a diehard collective of Queensrÿche fans gathered together to pay homage to Geoff Tate. From the moment the lights went down the room really came alive. Air drummers took over, a crowd found their voice and a musical masterpiece took place. The musicianship was 1st class and Geoff’s vocals were in fine form, looking like a sharp dressed man Tate lead from the front as track-by-track Operation Mindcrime was laid out in all its glory.

A crammed stage included three guitarists when the keyboard player wasn’t required, when he was his flowing locks and suitably placed fan blowing said locks in the air made for a déjà-vu from a 90’s Metal video, that said it was fitting amidst diehard Metal fan’s who have lived and breathed 80’s and 90’s Metal day in day out for the last three decades. We were all amongst friends here, brothers in arms sharing a common love from Prog Rock.

Tonight was the 1st date of a run of UK dates and for sure a must see show, so if you’ve bled Operation Mindcrime, if your cut and bleed Queensrÿche you need to see this live. Scrape the money together, if the kids need new shoes for school F**k em! They can walk barefoot!

Geoff and the guys continue onwards and upwards across the UK and Europe, Operation Mindcrime, No,no,no Operation c’est magnifique!

Set List:

I Remember Now

Revolution Calling

Operation: Mindcrime


Spreading the Disease

The Mission

Suite Sister Mary

The Needle Lies

Electric Requiem

Breaking the Silence

I Don’t Believe In Love

My Empty Room

Eyes Of A Stranger

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