Fizzy Blood - Forever Cult - Koyo - Live Review - Headrow House - Leeds
Fizzy Blood - Forever Cult - Koyo - Live Review
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Back in their hometown Fizzy Blood played a sold out show in Leeds. With support from Forever Cult and Koyo it was a night of local boys playing for their town.

Koyo took the stage first and got the crowd warmed up. As locals themselves the room was ready for their Prog Rock performance. They played through tracks from their self titled debut album that was released last year. With their mixture of synthesisers and melodic rhythms they got the crowd going and even threw in some improv.

Forever Cult was up next and this crowd went wild. They played fan favourites such as “Is This A Bad Time” as well as their brand new track “USurper”. There were definite fans out tonight as they sang along with the band and got their rock on tonight. The Forever Cult lads knew how to work this crowd and get them ready for tonight’s headliners.

Playing a hometown is always a special event as the people in the crowd are the ones who have shown support from the beginning. Fizzy Blood had that support tonight as shown by the sell out show. It was clear to see friends and family were here to support these boys tonight as they headlined their first tour.

Kicking straight in with “I’m No Good” the band played with the spirit and energy. As they played through tracks such as their latest release “ADHD” and “Patience” the crowd joined in. It was clear to see that these were fans that followed the band with faith and love. As with any band the boys played up the fact this was a hometown gig and spoke to the crowd like old friends.

As the set continued, Fizzy Blood continued to play their blend of music with tracks like “Pink Magic” and “Pawn”. Their energy was high and front man Benji Inkley leads the band with his charisma and charm. Throughout all the catchy riffs and funky bass the boys are having a blast as the joy they get from playing together is plastered all over their faces.
As the night draws to a close the boys have just two more tracks to play and they saved the best for last. With “Animals” and the ever favourite “January Sun” it was the perfect end to such a special night. With both the crowd and the band in such high spirits there is no doubt the night would not end there.

It was a great night of local talent and proves that all these bands have come far and have a bright future ahead of them.



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