The limelight had firmly fixed the spotlight on metal world’s finest, meatiest and solid acts to hit Belfast in 2015 with devastatingly brain crushing consequences. These guys are a cruel concoction and a classic combo all in one and have totally gripped the industrial genre by the gonads.

Fear Factory never fails to produce; to deliver, or to please their fans. For this writer who just happened to be front and centre and pinned mercilessly to the barrier (I know, I know, as per usual), Burton C Bell is probably one of Theebest front man EVER! Atomic energy oozed from the man and a radioactive glow seeped from his every pore (not sweat) and onto the audience, who in response became filled with his energy. His whole body battered out every note bringing the fight to the crowd from the very edge of the stage and his passion was second to none; the interactions Burton had with his people on Friday night was a whole hearted and genuine deliverance.

Fear Factory Belfast LimelightThe 20th anniversary of the diversely rich ‘Demanufacture’ was unleashed in full and a well rehearsed crowd sang along word for word for the whole of the show! At times it was clear that the band were completely delighted with their decision to tour on the strength of this album, as cheeky grins were exchanged, not going unnoticed by adoring onlookers who were systematically destroying the place behind me.

Dino CazaresFear Factories larger than life – absolute superb guitarist and a genuinely nice guy worked the stage well, regularly stepping forward to belt out the fearsome Fear Factoryheart attack inducing, rhythms and solos. Fist bumping fans and descending a few front row ladies into a state of wobbly knees syndrome.

Fellow front of stage teammate, living legend (in my book anyway) and the new boy in the band, having only joined in June of this year, Tony Campos, on bass, looked like the cat that got the cream; Tony Campos is one truly talented bassist and his CV more than speaks for itself. (Ex Static X, Soulfy, and Ministry etc).

The fury was rattled, rumbled and raged through a highly energetic and dynamic set, covering in all its glory, the still very fresh sounding, mechanically influenced, ‘Demanufacture’ album. Mike Heller sits comfortably as a drummer who knows his shit. Not a lot of interaction with the crowd but delivered his set with perfection and pure skill.

The Belfast crowd just quite simply – worshipped.

Burton not only managed to have the crowd eating from the psalms of his hands from the off, but in between the electrifying and deathly machineFear Factory Belfast Limelight inspired rhythms, which have a very futuristic vibe, he also took the time to fist bump the entire front row; shake hands and sign one lucky dude’s ticket.

‘Genexsus’ made an appearance in the latter stages of the show, when Fear Factory played  new songs from yet another mechanically industrialised and innovative new album, which would be perfect as any space movie soundtrack with songs like ‘Dialectric’ leaving a lasting memory in your head. Will this album stand the test of time and be as iconic as ‘Demanufacture’?

All I have to say now is, please come back soon, as they just don’t play here enough, this was an amazing show from Fear Factory, loud doesn’t even cut it and the Belfast fans totally showed their appreciation from start to finish. Burton C Bell clearly loves to play Belfast and as a member of the audience I can safely say, that to see artists really noticing that the crowd love them and showing that love in return, it becomes absolutely clear why bands like FearFactory will be around for a good few years to come, and with a solid fan base!

Words by Brenda McTaggart

Photo Credit: Mark McGrogan








DOG DAY SUNRISE (Head of David cover)



H-K (Hunter-Killer)








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