Fallen State - Psycho Village - Liberty Lies - Crossover - Live Review - The Cavern - Exeter
Fallen State - Live Review - The Cavern - Exeter
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Having got my first review for Rock ‘N’ Load out of the way, I was more than excited to be offered the chance to shoot and review at The Cavern in Exeter, somewhere I have always wanted to go. Tucked away down a side street I joined the queue.

FIrst up was Crossover, a female fronted band, Vocalist Soheila Clifford taking to the stage, , Instantly the crowd found themselves facing the stage and with bass player Mitch Witham  and guitarist James Findlay at the front , they became an imposing sight, hard punchy guitar riffs, amazing voice and stage presence. Surprisingly even though this was their first gig together, they had all played before to a very high level, Rock mixed with Metal and Punk influences but also with a sound of their own.

Every song they pumped out the crowd got more and more into them, Soheila totally knew how to move around too, totally professional from the start, later I found out that she had appeared on the X factor and she even got to Simon Cowell’s house, so she was oozing talent. Thumping beats from drummer Tommy hall made the band a polished article. Certainly an impressive start to the evening, it wont be long until they are headlining themselves.


Next up was Liberty Lies from the black country, founded in 2008, with band members Shaun Richards – Lead Vocals, Josh Pritchett – Guitar, Adam Stevens – Drums , Adam Howell – Bass Guitar and Liam Billings – Guitar, they took to the stage with a faulty mic, which would have thrown lesser mortals, but Josh took control, new mic in hand and this Rock band were on fire from the outset, their history of performing with bands such as Magnum and Alien ant farm, just to name a few, really showed they can perform at any level, they played hard and with such passion and determination which really came through in the images both supporting bands laid down first class performances, they totally got the crowd going and the pit had started to form and nice mass of bodies charging towards the stage.


The third band up was Psycho Village, a three piece from Vienna Austria, under the record label Psycho Sound Productions, Lead vocal and guitar Daniel Kremsner, Bass and backing vocals Maximilian Raps, with Marcel Urban on drums, These guys had a different vibe to the first two local mainly because their stage set up had big screens where they showed videos to go with each song, not in a bad way too, it just took a while to listen rather than watch, very sharp bunch of guys and yet again they played hard and made all the right moves, Maximilian was one of those bass players that you couldn’t stop watching, the moves and ability were epic. Daniel the lead singer kinda reminded me of Jack Black, the way he performed, the more they played the more the audience began to appreciate buy into them, finishing up with Daniel on his back, on the floor playing guitar. A memorable show indeed.


Finally it was time for The Fallen State, there was a buzz about the place and people knew it would be a performance not to be missed, with a brand new EP The View From Ruin which is doing well on spotify and youtube. And previous tours with Halestorm and Black Stone Cherry meant they were a band on the up!. They were here to ROCK the joint!

As soon as they took to the stage lead singer Ben Stenning took control of the audience and got them pumped and ready to hit the ground running, the vibe was awesome, I found myself climbing up the rigging to get a better view as the pit started to turn into a frenzy of sweaty moshing punters, having perched myself on the rail to stop them getting onto the stage, the mosh pit gather momentum. The crowd charged back and forth towards the stage, some real full on shit was going down there, guitarist Jon price who was ripping his guitar to shreds, he was totally pumped for this and the crowd were loving it, they never stood still and as the set went on,the look on peoples faces told me they got what they came for, and then some.

Then like an old school rock show, the solos started, its been a long time since many witnessed a solo at a gig, first up was Jon who let rip and showed us what he could do, totally impressive, then it was the pounding thunderous beats of drummer Rich Walker, double bass drum pedal going over drive, he played a super technical solo, spinning the sticks without fault. One of the highlights was when Ben was singing and the audience took over, word for word they knew what to do, by the end of the show, the lucky people who came to see this special night in Exeter had got more than they expected with such an accomplished and exceptional performance by the Fallen State.


In reflection, possibly the best night of quality Rock music Exeter have heard in a long time.




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