Don Broco - The LaFontaines - Apella - Live Review - Mandela Hall - Belfast
Don Broco - The LaFontaines - Apella - Live Review - Mandela Hall - Belfast
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Tuesday night in Belfast and it is pissing down out of the heavens, en route to The Mandela Hall, Belfast, for an energetic trio of bands to brighten up anyone’s day. Tonight see’s Don Broco’s first headlining gig in Belfast and their second night in Ireland after playing Dublin the night previous.

Apella an Irish band from Dublin opened up proceedings, with a quirky style and sing along songs they woke up this damp Belfast crowd with their charisma and fine music. Gauging the crowds enthusiasm Apells’s front man Dara Quilty asks who’s looking forward to Don Broco?, as fate would have it, Don Broco’s front man was standing beside me at that time to stage left. But the crowd responds in kind and all is good! He also retorts a story of his last visit to this venue when he fell off the stage, that kind of story always going down well with an Irish crowd.  The guys wrapped up their energetic set with their latest single ‘Logic’ and no doubt won over a new wave of fans on a dreary Belfast night.

The LaFontaines stepped up front and centre, as high energy as you will see live these guys came out of the gates all guns blazing! A fusion between Rock / Rap and Hip-Hop these guys were brutal in their delivery and had the Belfast crowd jumping from the off.  By the fourth track their front man was in the crowd getting the audience energised to the max. The crowd were feeding off the band, the band off the manic crowd and giving it back ten fold. It was a killer performance that left nothing to the imagination, one that left the room buzzing for more.

Don Broco took to the stage amidst a sea of smoke barely visible, but behind that wall of smoke was one of the most enigmatic and passionate bands in the UK today. These guys hit the ground running with their opener ‘Everybody’ from their latest album Technology. The guys ran through new and old numbers of fan favourites as they introduced tracks from Technology not yet previously performed to date. By the second song front man Rob Damiami was on the crowd barrier and mixing it up with the locals.

As he takes to the stage he calls for a circle to form in the crowd below, as Rob says the crowd does. This level of energy continues throughout the night, and I struggle to remember when the last time I saw such a crowd reaction to a Rock gig in Belfast in quite a while. These guys just play the crowd like puppets on a string pulling them in further and further with each song, the crowd are eating it all up as required. It’s quite a sight to see.

As the guys ramp their way through their high energy and frantic set Belfast gets the best of Don Broco to date. From mosh pits to walls of death The Mandela Hall witnessed one of the craziest nights of music in a while.


All thanks to four crazy ass motherfuckers going by the name of Don Broco.


Review & Photography : Mark McGrogan :


Catch the guys on tour while you can as they continue through the UK and Europe this summer.


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