Don Broco - Live Review - O2 Academy - Leeds
Don Broco - Live Review - O2 Academy Leeds
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The almighty Don Broco have arrived on the next stop of their UK tour in Leeds tonight. As Saturday nights go, this was one fine way to spend the night in a room of like minded fans watching one of their favourite bands take the stage.

Press to Meco are first up tonight and played to the crowds still coming into the venue. With great crowd interaction throughout the set they even opened up the floor to entertain a mosh pit and a circle pit with monkey impressions. The trio were not phased by the smaller crowd and gave energy throughout.

Yonaka was up next and after a long intro took the stage. Front woman Teresa pulled your attention as she commanded the stage with confidence. Backed up by her bassist and guitarist this is a band that knows how to work a stage. The crowd was memorized as they played through hits such as “God’s and Lovers* and “Run”.

The room goes dark and it’s time for Don Broco. Opening the set with “Pretty” and this crowd went wild. From this point on every single song played tonight was sung by the crowd. These were some serious fans out tonight. Continuing through the set with “Everybody” and “What You Do To Me”, the crowd got wilder and wilder.

Front man Rob Damiani was superb in interacting with the crowd. At any moment he could he would speak to the fans who were so excited to see this band tonight. He would go from singling people out in the pit, to talking to the back of the room. He opened up mosh and circle pits as well as took a photo of the crowd. The great moment from Damiani was dedicating “Porkies” off their latest album “Technology” to the fan who brought an inflatable pig to the show which was made to headbang above the crowd.

The band played a mixture of tracks throughout the set including heavier tracks such as “Fire” and more dancing tracks like “Automatic”. With the mix came songs New and old going all the way back to “Thug Workout” and for only the second time this tour “Greatness”. As the set came to an end, the band played “Nerve” and “Money, Power Fame” which saw the crowd at its loudest.

Coming back for the encore there was only 2 tracks that could be played. Starting with their latest single “Come Out To LA” which saw the crowd singing more than Damiani himself. The final track was “The T-shirt Song” which upon its opening chords saw fans throughout the room with their t-shirts in the air ready for the lyrics “I take my t-shirt off/ wave it around my head”. As the song finished it was time to end the night no doubt to the disappointment of these fans.

It was a night of truly great music from all three bands but the headliners tonight Don Broco played a show that was as memorable as it was entertaining.

Review – Emmie Ellis


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