DeWolff - The Dust Coda – Live Review – The Black Heart - London
DeWolff - The Dust Coda – Live Review – The Black Heart - London
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The best way to start this off is talking about the venue, I do this with every review but I truly feel a venue can set the tone of a good show. In this case we head over to north London’s borough of Camden Town, this a place full of rich musical history and style which still resonates to day. The streets are full of Punk, Rock and Rave culture and is home to a number of amazing venues, in this case The Black Heart. When you step out of the station it is but a 1 minute walk to the venue, walk towards the Worlds End pub and then take a right and head down this quiet alley and then you will see a simple yet iconic Black Heart sign.

The venue has a certain aesthetic that is very inviting to the dark, more alternative parts of the human psyche. As you walk in it is inherently dark with neon lights and candles everywhere, dark but warming. There is artwork everywhere but the centre piece is what looks to be a sort of glassed alter with a saint in it giving off Mexican vibe. This place has a lot of character, as you make our way up to the venue area you see it’s a small venue that can give an intimate show to the audience with no more than a hundred capacity.



The Dust Coda

Once the room had begun to fill the support began their set. The Dust Coda are a band that can get the flow going in a crowd. They have a classic rock and blues sound to them with the style of modern rock band, the song ‘The More It Fades’ is one of their most well-known songs that really the fans going. The skill that these musicians have really is something to behold, each one has been playing for a long time, the range of the lead singers vocals are a raw and natural talent that gives the band its signature sound. If you are a fan of Bon Jovi, Velvet Revolver or Alter Bridge then this a band for you!




After The Dust Coda had got the room into the right mood and rhythm it was time for the headliner to bring the thunder. DeWolff hail from Geleen, Netherlands but if truth be told it’s like they stepped out of a time machine from the 70’s. This is a band that lives and breathes their music, with the flowing hair, moustaches and flared trousers you can’t help but fall in love with the style they bring. The Black heart is inherently a metal pub and venue but for the first time I have seen the venue was full, not only that but with people dressed for Woodstock.

Its very refreshing when a Psychedelic Rock band play in Camden, not only that a very talented one, one of their defining factors is that the band consisits of a guitarist, drummer and a pianist on an organ which gives the band a real niche sound. DeWolff have been together since 2007 and have played in front of huge crowds of 10,000 at Pinkpop festival in the Netherlands. If you like a band that can play music inspired by blues, jazz and psychedelic rock this is a band to listen to, they have just releasedtheir new album Thrust so check them out!


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