Dan Reed & Danny Vaughn - Snake Oil and Harmony Tour - The Cluny - Newcastle
Dan Reed & Danny Vaughn - Snake Oil and Harmony Tour - The Cluny - Newcastle
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Dan Reed & Danny Vaughn – Snake Oil and Harmony Tour – The Cluny – Newcastle

Back for their third time, Dan and Danny took to the small stage for a night of trading off songs and stories from the road with a few surprises thrown in – not just for the fans but also for each other.

Surprising Danny with the opening track, Dan turns to Danny and says with a knowing smile, ‘You’ll never guess this one”…

With the opening words, “Wise men say, only fools rush in…” Danny was all smiles and singing along with the crowd instantly as Dan swooned away to this Elvis classic … occasionally throwing out glances with the line…”but I can’t help – falling in love with you..”

With Danny smiling he had to admit, “I never seen that one coming”

With that, the night was set for one surprise after another including their personal favourite track that each of them  wrote for their partners.

With classic tracks from Dan’s huge back catalogue and a number of songs from Tyketto’s new CD Reach, the fans were treated to a selection of old and new from 1988 to 2018 with the likes of Mix It Up, Get to You and Rainbow Child while Danny played a selection from Reach and unrecorded tracks.

Dan announced that both he and Danny had started writing and were very keen on a Snake Oil and Harmony collaboration project, maybe a new CD? and wanted to know what the crowd thought, with immediate cheers and ideas of what this might be like, they wasted no time giving the fans on this tour a first hearing of a brand new track, written by both guys, called “Where The Water Goes”.. and if this was just a glimpse of what is to come – then every Dan Reed / Network / Danny Vaughn / Tyketto fan is going to love this mix of musical and song writing talent.

Later during the set, forgetting the lyrics, Dan stopped mid track, and jokingly claimed “I’ve forgot the words!”  Wait a minute! I wrote this song, I can sing any words I want”… and continued right on from where he left off and introduced a completely on the spur of the moment lyrical line …”the witches in the forest” that had Danny almost falling of his seat in hysterics but one that also had and the entire audience in fits of laughter… and a line that would be repeated many times that night by both them and the fans and one that is definitely going to stick… (t-shirt are being printed we speak lol)

Danny suddenly left his bar stool, went to the back of the stage, picked up his phone to take a call…

..walking to the front of the stage, head down,  phone to his ear and looking very serious, he looked up, his expression instantly changing and said with the cheekiest smile ever.. “It’s the witches from the forest Dan!” and with that – the whole place just erupted, people wiping the tears of laughter from their eyes as they joined in the hilarity and as the two men powered on, they delivered hit after hit and many more surprises; really don’t want to give any more away as these shows, however well planned and set listed, when blended with the fans – take on a life of their own and these guys can pull anything out of the bag… and what a show that makes.

One track that stood out for me was a track from Danny, he said, “It had never been recorded” and added “that it should be”, I hope it will be as it was just awesome; a track about a dark murder mystery called “Deep Water”.. but that’s all the clues you’re getting.

With brilliant guitar work and constant powerhouse vocals, smiles and laughter just filled the air from these two incredibly talented singer/songwriters – sharing their bond of friendship, professional musicianship with beautiful on the note harmonies from Danny and with the fans – last night just said it all; “Snake Oil and Harmony rocked the Toon” …and Newcastle were with them in volume and energy to match..

These guys were just destined to join forces …so check out Dan Reed’s and Danny Vaughn’s Snake Oil and Harmony show at a gig near you for something very different …and very special.

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