Crazy Town - Live Review - The Foundry - Belfast
Crazy Town - Live Review - The Foundry - Belfast
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My word, the weather in Northern Ireland has been crazy as of late. From scorching heat to plenty of rain, not a typical thing over here mind you as we are used to so many weathers over a short period of time. Yet the weather hasn’t been the only thing that’s been crazy, as down in The Foundry (formerly Stiff Kitten) seen the return of L.A. rap rock sensation; Crazy Town.

 While this was opening act Crisis’ first gig, the band is made up of members from former, well known local groups Until This Day and Crimson Fight. Oozing with veteran confidence and a more heavier sound behind them – these hallions, led by the charismatic Lisha Fitzpatrick, put on an opening performance like no other with “Barricades” and “Worst Of Me” being the highlights of their set.

Crisis may have set the bar, but Surf Green raised it. Before they kicked into their set, I said to myself “awk bless them, they look like little kids, with their wee shirts and ties;” but then their set kicked in. My god! Like a love child of Green Day and System Of A Down, this humorous 3 piece exploded onto the stage as they performed tracks off their upcoming EP One Hundred Percent. Though I went to bed having nightmares over where the petit bassist’s Iwan Hynds’ scream came from.

The heaviness was then turned down as the last minute addition of Accidents In The Work Place changed the tone for the evening. Hailing from Dundalk, this packed out band were happy to be performing their first gig in Belfast, with more members than I could count (some sticking out like a sore thumb.) Taking up the very small Foundry stage, the band brought a more funky vibe, while being led by the dancing, red head herself; Lauren Murphy. From their latest single “The One You Love” to a rendition of “Ready Or Not” by The Fugees as guitarist Sean McMahon busted out his awkwardly best rapping abilities. A very enjoyable performance all round from a very talented band.

Finally it was the moment everyone had been waiting for, Crazy Town were back in the house. Having just been over a year since they performed the Oh Yeah Centre, these rap titans were more than happy to be back in Belfast. Many people who are not aware of what this band’s music is like outside of a certain song, would have been blown away by just how huge their sound is. The shy but heavily tattooed frontman, Shifty Shellshock may have been who the lacklustre crowd may have wanted to see the most but it was the destructive bassist, Hasma Angeleno who stole the show as he unleashed a beast within himself during their performance.

There may not have been much crowd interaction between songs as the band sort of just stood their until the backing track for the next song started, but the Belfast crowd were happy to add some humour in between songs; with one passionate Crazy Town fan pleading for certain songs to be played. Songs from their hit debut album “The Gift of Game” and their latest release “The Brimstone Smugglers” took up majority of the band’s set with the promotion for their 2019 release “The Curse Of The Butterfly” plastered all over their merch. Hmmm, I wonder what the next album is titled after? Of course they finally played “Darkside” for the eager fan plus other classics such as “Born To Raise Hell,” “Revolving Door” and the set finisher “Butterfly,” a song that Shifty described as “a blessing and a curse.”

The crowd was definitely a lot smaller than their show a year ago (and there wasn’t much of a crowd at that either) which was a shame because Crazy Town’s performance on this night was miles better than a year ago. With a rhythm section that shook the roof and a fascinating concept for their next album, these guys are going to continue to show that they were “born to raise hell.”

Review & Photography : Marc Leach


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