It’s Bonfire night .. so what do you do .. go and see Gothic Metal Band Cradle of Filth in a Church .. of course you do…

The night began with an all out metal onslaught from London noise merchants, Savage Messiah. Touring in support of their latest release “Hands of Fate” the fired up Leeds crowd were treated to tracks from the new LP along with classics such as ‘Minority Of One’ from their back catalogue. The boys thundered through each track and hearing the new album tracks live was a joy. It has to be said that with each record the band get stronger and stronger and tonight proved that with ‘Wing and a Prayer’ and ‘Hands of Fate’ getting the Leeds bonfire well and truly burning..

And so to the main event .. love it or hate it Dani Filth’s distinctive vocal is on form tonight and as he rumbles through a low end that echoes around the Catherine wheels in the crypt and screams higher than all the rockets fired into the night sky, for whatever reason this performance suited the amazing venue that is The Church, Leeds. “Cryptoriana” is an apt LP title to be performed in this venue, although surprisingly we only get a couple of tracks from this release, with the rest of the setlist pulling on the huge back catalogue.

Nevertheless the band really bring the fireworks tonight and the Leeds audience lapped up every minute of it. Particular praise must go to the talents of guitarists Richard Shaw and Marek ‘Ashok’ Šmerda. Their interplay with the keyboards was superb. Dani had just enough interaction with the crowd between songs to keep the gothic hoard on board.

Local bonfire or Cradle of Filth? give me COF anytime.

5 Stars from me

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