Download, Dublin and Belfast saw Corrosion Of Conformity with the legendary ‘Deliverance’ line up of Woody Weatherman, Pepper keenan, Mike Dean and Reed Mullin, hit UK soil for the second time in 2015!

It’s true that we are allowed to dream, and on very rare occasions, the universe grants us permission to live these dreams. ‘The boys are back in town’, but first;7SustMDkMxMc-o3HJaprCrw-aGGNEEWBTTydZeyB3Lk

The Academy, nicely positioned in the centre of Dublin, is buzzing. Anticipation is infectious, momentum is gathering and I have the ‘hugest grinniest’ face on that you have ever seen. After just having had a drink in Fibber Magees with ‘Woody’ and ‘Pepper’ and my friend Ciara, time ‘snailed’ by and all we wanted was the stage vibrating with sludge, grudge and much more.

The Sunday night treat began when Two Tales Of Woe stepped gingerly onto the stage like they were about to be sold into slavery. Then we all got walloped in the face by ‘Vision’, their opener, twin guitars rang out with a deep and chuggy groove and I was screaming like an alley cat after the first tight riff grabbed hold of my guts!  Having only reformed again after a long break and with a new line up, supporting COC must have been a little daunting and nerve wrecking for the lads, but a good and supportive fan base cheered the lads on, and that’s just what they did, they got on with a truly awesome show. The Dublin quintet stepped up and stomped out 7 of the best metal/sludge/doom, or ‘Sloom’, I’ve heard since, well, COC really as they have a similar style and their influence was very noticeable. Vocalist ‘Carl KingWoe King’ commands the stage immediately, fiercely growling from the guts and using all of the stage to do so, and the audience hauler yelps of encouragement as they deliver song after song with the gutsy performance you would expect from a signed well established line up. The crowd surged forward for ‘Not Ready To Die’, a personal favourite. Two Tales Of Woe brought versatility in arrangements of their songs with light and dark moments throughout.  An intensity grew with the band as confidence had well and truly set in by now.  They ended their all too short set, (in my opinion) with, ‘City Of Doom’ which had the crowd well and truly foaming at the mouth for more. A thoroughly enjoyable set and I totally look forward to these guys coming up north for a gig in the near future.


Dfb6zv9PQPLiL5DX1rlVQ36LRybVorvZ049TQwyYFNEChants of COC! COC! Absolutely deafen every set of ears in the academy! The ‘Deliverance’ line up consisting of Pepper Keenan, Woody Weatherman, Reed Mullin and Mike Dean are an awesome sight for the diehard fans of early Corrosion Of Conformity. March saw the beginning of the long awaited revival tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘Deliverance’ at the demand of their fans. Since then the band have been touring almost continuously around the UK and Europe. However a revisit was in order to appear at Download and add two Irish dates this time, in Dublin and in Belfast.

‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ rumble in the back ground, smoke fills the stage, hearts are pounding! Ok well, my heart is anyway! Finally the suspense comes to a halt, as Pepper steps out on the stage to the unanimous voice  of the crowd, who bellow yells of approval, the rest of the band follow suit, and take up their positions for a night of pure rock heaven, (again, for me anyway).

Dublin erupted! It was deafening and glorious, Pepper stepped forward, spoke to the crowd and all hell broke loose. ‘These Shrouded Temples’, ‘Broken Man’ and ‘King Of The Rotten’ in quick merciless succession to the absolute joy of a hungry crowd belting out the songs along with Pepper word for word. ‘Woody’ as always has to be the happiest guitarist I’ve ever seen strut his stuff around a stage, smiling continuously and giving lots of eye contact to an adoring audience. The moshing behind me took off big time, the crowd had had enough of containing themselves, ‘Heaven’s Not Overflowing’, ‘Long Whip/Big America’ and ‘Wiseblood’ had been enough to send the crowd into a frenzy of all out madness.  Every now and again ‘Pepper’ would shout words of encouragement and like excited kids at a birthday party the crowd responded in kind. Woody seemed to be enjoying every solo and looked as comfy as you would expect an armchair to feel after a hard day’s work. The sounds coming from both the guitars and bass was immaculate, these guys have just had to learn 22 songs all over again after a 20 year break from ‘Pepper’, and there was absolutely no sign of doubt or hesitation, it was perfectly clear that they enjoy playing these songs as much as the crowd wanted to hear them. ‘Mullin’ could not have played any tighter or looked more excited if he had just won the lottery.A-c3IcHan2ux2v6pFBgls65n4j-bZU3KFnkrREOoGH0

’13 Angels’ made me cry when I saw them perform it back in Glasgow back in March, it made me cry again, this song is played with passion and grace and was definitely my highlight. ‘Albatross’ was definitely a firm favourite with the crowd and was delivered with the same tone and freshness, if not better than when it was released 20 years ago. By the time COC get to ‘Stone Breaker’ and ‘Senior Limpio’ the crowd have decided, no more Mr nice guy and give the rather bored looking bouncers something to do, with an impromptu game of catch me, catch me. First I felt a foot on my face then a leg on my back, yes, the surfing had commenced. The crowd were singing, bouncing, jumping, moshing hard and beating the hell out of me up against the barrier, where I was adoringly worshipping at the feet of ‘Pepper’, but by now I was a mangled sweaty mess.  Pepper again announces, “you guys are fucking crazy”!

The end of the show saw the guys take a quick minute off the stage. However the chanting of ‘Clean My Wounds’ soon brought them straight back on again, and thank goodness it did,  the noise was so deafening that I actually had a pain in my head.

Zd1FQQJl2xrW-zGEazgyssfGEQ0vz4Ga-jDXZQiawpEWhat the guys came back with was both a surprise and the ultimate end to an ultimate show. Over nine minutes of pure Corrosion Of Conformity at their best. ‘Clean My Wounds’ was an extended partially instrumental breakdown of a classic, and was a delivery of gargantuan riff overload which delighted the fans beyond belief. Mike Dean on bass looked so damned comfortable and chilled out, he was definitely in his element rocking out and chugging at the strings as only Mike can. Picking up the pace again to its original form saw the crowd loose the plot altogether before the awesome ending chanting lyrics of ‘Knock it down’!!

They are indeed one of the most awesome bands I have ever seen live and so I wish them well as they continue to tour across Europe again. See you all soon guys. What a show!


Words by Brenda

Photos by Liam Kielt




Two Tales Of Woe

1. Vision

2. Serenade Of Silence

3. Hell Again

4. The Goddess

5. I Sold My Soul

6. Not Ready To Die

7. City Of Doom


Corrosion Of Conformity

1. These Shrouded Temples

2. Broken Man

3. King Of The Rotten

4. Heaven

5. Long Whip/Big America

6. Wiseblood

7. Seven Days

8. Paranoid Opioid

9. 13 Angels

10. Albatross

11. Stone Breaker

12. Goodbye Windows

13. Senior Limpio

14. Who’s Got The Fire

15. Vote With A Bullet

16. Clean My Wounds

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