Colour Of Noise opened for Toseland at the Leeds Key Club.  On the small stage five piece look a bit cramped up, but lead singer Matt Mitchell is still managing to rock out.  Leaning into the crowd belting out his big vocals and even holding onto the ceiling at times, (told you it was tight up there),  first up is the 70’s groove of ‘You Only Call Me When You Want Something’  that is the theme running through this band, the 70’s classic grooves are here in abundance that’s for sure.

‘Medicine Man’ with ex Little Angels axe man Bruce John Dickinson knocking out the solos and riffs with the rhythm guitar grooves coming from Dan Electro, who I have to say with his handlebar moustache and paisley shirt is looking every inch the 70’s rock star!

Lead single ‘Can You Hear Me’ from the excellent debut album is up next, a real catchy tune showing Matt’s low c8-1range on the verses with the backline of Ben Daniel on bass and Randy Nixon on drums chugging along, a great track.

‘Head On’ and ‘Can’t Take It With You’ keep the audience’s attention, we then get a new track ‘Lucky Number Seven’ which is a good sign another album is in the works and they are still writing.

‘Hit Rock Bottom’ starts with a riff reminiscent of The Cults ‘Wildflower’ but swiftly gets back in the classic sounding Colour Of Noise vibe with a big anthem of a chorus. ‘Drive It Like You Stole It’ ups the pace a bit, with the last track of the evening ‘Heavy’ playing us out.

A great response from the audience was well received and well deserved.  If you like your rock filled with the grooves and big vocals from the era of Led Zeppelin and Free then these boys are for you. An excellent band that would be even better with a bigger set and a bigger stage to work with.


Words by Darren Thompson


Set List:

1. You Only Call Me When You Want Something

2. Medicine Man

3. Can You Hear Me?

4. Head On

5. Can’t Take It With You

6. Lucky Number Seven

7. Hit Rock Bottom

8. Drive It Like You Stole It

9. Heavy


Colour Of Noise Are:

Matt Mitchell – Vocals

Bruce John Dickinson – Guitars

Dan Electro – Guitars

Ben Daniel – Bass Guitar

Randy Nixon – Drums

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