CKY – Raging Speedhorn – Black Chapels – Mosmo Strange – Limelight Belfast
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The Limelight Belfast tonight hosted the last date for CKY on their European Tour, the US band had UK Hardcore lads Raging Speedhorn in tow and tonight proceedings were opened by two local bands, Black Chapel and Mosmo Strange.

Mosmo Strange had the pleasure of warming up the Belfast crowd and by the numbers up front early on, the guys had a loyal following in the crowd. The guys with their high energy set and excitable head banging bassist brought their own brand of Rock to Belfast tonight with a varied set. Black Chapels followed and with full on balls out intensity, set about setting the room on fire with a fast and furious set list. Both bands done themselves proud showing the local scene is in good hands for years to come.

Tonight though shit was about to get real, cometh the hour cometh the band and tonight Raging Speedhorn were that band! Like a band of brothers with a point to prove the guys hit the stage with a gargantuan set that tore Belfast a new one! Intense from the off, dual vocalists John Loughlin and Frank Regan were lethal. The two combined to great effect with a powerhouse performance that any band would find hard to follow. Hard hitting and packed with behemoth riffs Raging Speedhorn laid down the law.

They urged the crowd to come in closer, to get more involved but the fear of god had been put into them and the guys looked deflated by the lack of response deserving of their performance. A set full of powerful enslaving riffs the lack lustre audience struggled to match the bands intensity. As the band wrapped up their set with a strange choice of song, less intense that what had preceded it, one half one the vocal team left the stage as the band kept playing clearly unimpressed by the lack of effort by the Belfast crowd on the last night of the UK Tour.

The reason why: CKY. The Belfast crowd were here for one thing and one thing only, CKY! As the band took to the stage around 9:45pm the room was packed and calling out for CKY, clearly the intensity of Ragin Speedhorn was too much for some. The intense thumping drum patterns of Jess Margera were needed to settle this gathering down. CKY hit the stage and immediately set about their way to enslaving this Belfast audience with their huge hooks, and enslaving vocals. Every new song was greeted by CKY,CKY,CKY, and each and every track followed by rapturous applause.

Their intense, raw sound rang around the room as people sang along with their favourite tracks, frontman Chad Ginsburg soaking up the lavish attention with each roar of the crowd. The guys slay their way through new and old material to their adoring fans and another great night of music goes down in one of Belfast’s hottest venues. A great way to wrap up an European Tour and one hell of a way to sign off.

The guys are back in the UK in 2018 supporting Skindred so if you’ve been a good little boy or girl there’s still time to write that letter to Santa.



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