On Monday the 9th of November truck loads of talent rolled into Ireland’s fair city of Dublin, to unleash an unholy night of metal from an elite line-up which consisted of Sylosis, Children Of Bodom, Lamb of God and the masters – Megadeth. Ireland was taken by the short and curlies. The five date U.K and Ireland dates where co-headlined by Megadeth and LOG in celebration of Megadeth’s 15th studio album ‘Dystopia’, also LOG’s 2015 album release ‘V11: Sturm und Drang’. Support came from Sylosis and Children Of Bodom. Both these bands also released new albums in 2015. Sylosis delivered to us ‘Dormant Heart’ dubbed by Metal Hammer as, “raging and triumphant beast of an album” back in January and COB brought out their 9th studio album ‘I Worship Chaos’ in October.

From the first very bullet triggering beats of Sylosis to the last gracious bow from Dave Mustaine, this year’s ‘Golden God Award’ winner, I can truly say anyone in attendance did not leave disappointed. Dublin bowed her head in awe of the professionalism and raw talent that flourished before her eyes.

SYLOSIS: is a four piece from Reading and was an exercise in energetic enthusiasm of youth in metal. It wasn’t that they were doing anything phenomenally original, and they didn’t create any new boxes to tick, but what they did do was, stab this genre of the metal body in the heart, with a double edged blade – and twist it. They confidently ensured a brutal but beautiful delivery that sent sensations of shockwaves flooding through every pulsing vein throughout the venue, with the dynamics and power of what I can only imagine being catapulted into space would actually feel like. This was the kind of unmerciful opening to a show that I crave, but have not witnessed for a very long time. Sylosis delivered with glacially, devastating, perfection from the very first bazooka exploding riffs and drum blasts of ‘Dormant Heart’ to their last furiously punishing ‘Empyreal’. It was clear from the off that they were a bunch of lads who totally appreciated just being there.

‘Mercy’ seemed to be the stand out track as the crowd writhed and moshed mercilessly throughout, with great galloping riffs between screams, growls and pure raw energy; mixed with deep, deathly clean vocals. Fingertip slashing solos from front man and lead guitarist Josh Middleton as he engaged his audience frequently which was nice to see, encouraging a circle of moshers to cover more space on the floor. This band injected exactly what was needed into the audience sparking off the mayhem that was to follow the rest of the night, and they didn’t let up. They gathered the crowd in quickly and set up the atmosphere for what would turned out to be one of the most exciting and anticipated shows to hit Irish soil in 2015.

CHILDRENOF BODOM: this extremely charismatic powerhouse waltzed onto the stage with the swagger of a band who were about to do business, close the deal, and walk off with the loot.  Total confidence emanated from the stage as they adopted their stance and let loose with ‘In Your Face’ which was a blinder of an opener and pounded its way from the front of the venue to back. I have to admit that this was one band that I was really looking forward to witnessing live, and I can honestly say, hand on heart, they did not disappoint.

As floor space started rapidly disappearing with an ever increasing crowd, it was clear that COB have a very solid fan base in Ireland, and as they cleaved their way through an awesome set, they made the audience look like a buoyant swarm of ants. COB is pretty damn special to watch as well as listen to; the keyboard creates a wonderful rapturous feeling to the music, and is accompanied by soaring solos and thrashing guitars.

Three new songs from the new album went down a storm with the audience who answered in kind, as there was nothing but a sea of hair wind milling with the fury of a tornado. ‘Angels Don’t Kill’ had that deep solid chug that made the venue vibrate and ‘Hate Me’ with its slightly traditional music sounds mixed with shredding guitars was just bloomin’ awesome.

Personal favourites of their set for yours truly had to be ‘I Worship Chaos’, and ‘Morrigan’.  The dual vocals on the first, backed up with rock-solid, fast riffing was incredibly exciting and visual, as the band tore around the stage encouraging mayhem from the crowd. Front man Alex Laiho absolutely nails the raspy vocals while playing his flying V on his left knee, which just looks astounding.  The latter of the two was more accessible but true to the COB sound that have made them who and what they are today.

The only criticism I have for the Children Of Bodom set was that six songs were just not enough. What an awesome band they are; completely entertaining everyone in front of them and just obviously enjoying themselves.  The songs of COB are like riding a roller coaster you have never been on before, because you just don’t know what you are going to get around the next corner. Their set ended with ‘Downfall’. Mean and chuggy with shrieking vocals, was the perfect goodbye song for what was an energetic and captivating set; such a visual band that you can’t help falling in love with because they leave you with that overwhelming  feeling that they were somehow totally involved with their audience. The way had been truly carved out for LOG and Megadeth to step up and finish destroying the place.

Metal is a force governed by its own laws, feeding the needs of its family, and in Dublin on that Monday night, a packed venue ate in unison, from one glorious and memorable feast.

Words By Brenda



Dormant Heart




Stained Humanity




In Your Face


Angels Don’t Kill

I worship Chaos

Hate Me!


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