Casey - Endless Heights - Rarity - Live Review - Boston Music Room - London
Casey - Endless Heights - Rarity - Live Review - Boston Music Room - London
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For bands that originate from outside of the UK London is usually the most anticipated city for them to play, and for good reason. It’s a hub for culture and live music from around the world, it prides its self on its smaller venues. Boston Music Room is one such venue. It can really create an experience to remember with its bar, stage and merch stall all in the same room, you can stand anywhere and have a great view of the stage and still feel the heat from the mosh pits.

The first band to hit the stage was Rarity.Hailing from Hamilton Canada this was their first time playing in London, the crowd could see how excited they were to be there.

With most gig’s, the first band that plays usually helps warm up for the main act but this was not the case for these guys, they got the crowd steaming by bringing a whole heap of energy and action from the get go. The crowd jumped in head first with them, getting involved in mosh pits, crowd surfing and on-stage guitar karate, flailing their instruments and legs around like it could be their last show on earth. From this moment people knew it would be for the books.

Like a lot of bands coming up it is hard to put them into a genre as they can cover a few at a time, Rarityhave this pure guttural style of pop punk tones that make you want to jump up and down all night. This band was a great way to start a Friday night show.


After a short change over it was Endless heightsturn to show the crowd what they were made of. Coming to the UK from Sydney Australia to tour with Caseyand Raritythese boys stand out with their own flare of music style that eases you in with melodic guitar and vocals to then punches you in the ear drums with raw screams, deep base and the heavy chug chug of guitar. That being said it’s not wrong to say that they have created a new kind of sound in which you can’t help but wanting more.

Once on stage Endless Heights went on introduce themselves, they had a certain charm that draws you closer to the stage. The crowd thickend after the first song fully knowing they were going to bring the show up a notch.

After a few of their older songs they played some fresh ones from their album Vicious pleasuresuch as “come a little closer” which sucks you into a hypnotic sway. One song from their the album “You coward” is a personal a favourite from the set, you can’t help but bang your head to it with the lead singer Joel Martorana.

The stage presence they brought along with them was something to admire, all members where putting a lot passion into what they were doing, the stomping, the dancing and all around head banging got the crowd into unison. You can’t help but look back at the crowd from the front and see waves of long hair head banging.


Now the room was nicely stretched and warmed up from all the action, Caseytook to the stage. The sold out show was packed as Casey walked on stage, the rooms lighting had a blue ambiance to it as the sound got louder and louder before it erupted into a mash of people dancing and jumping to the first song. The crowd didn’t slow down at all throughout their set.

This Welsh band was something new, the defining factor of Caseyis the singer’s raw emotion when singing to the crowd, he stood as beacon of the fans emotion as he poured out his heart after each song. It’s safe to say they are an emotional band who won’t shy away from saying what they feel and have experienced into their lyrics. The band as a whole tied the night off nicely with an encore to play one last song. The sweaty crowd proved that this show was well worth it.

Caseyhave chosen their supports very well, each band in their own right put on a damn good show. Each one had crowd surfers, mosh pits and head banging from the get go. The range they all have is something to appreciate, the future of this music scene is looking good.



Review & Photography – Tom Pratt 


Catch the guys on the following dates:

13th Apr – London Boston Music Room
14th Apr – Leeds Key Club
15th Apr – Newcastle Jumpin Jacks
16th Apr – Plymouth Underground
17th Apr – Manchester Satan’s Hollow
18th Apr – Birmingham Asylum2
19th Apr – Nottingham Rock City


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