The sound of ‘man jaws’ hitting the floor in the Limelight Belfast on Friday the 31st of July, should have hit a ‘Breaking News’ head-line. A magnitude-9 earthquake rumbled, and I am positively sure that the enormous seismic shockwaves could be felt throughout the whole of Co. Antrim, never mind Belfast, when ‘Elin Larsson graced the stage and greeted a crammed to the barrier venue with Blues Pills. What a little beauty she is, then she opens her 1

This very talented and leather clad young lady began by shaking the building to its very foundations, with the opening belter, ‘High Class Woman’. Her soulful/jazzy and high powered vocals caused an eruption almost immediately.  Blues Pills have taken soul/blues/rock AND roll to a whole new level of intensity with an extraordinary, atmospheric, vibrant tone. I don’t think the Limelight knew what had hit it for at least 10 minutes. Cries of ‘I Love You’ rang from the star-struck audience every time she paused to breath.

The mature sound coming from this band could easily be mistaken for road warrior veterans, but when you look upon the stage you are gazing in astonishment at the astounding professionalism of what appears to be mere youngsters. The guitar solos, heavily grooved tones of the drums and deep booming 60s bass lines, fill the air and create an atmosphere of yonder years.

Elin delivers soulful passion, song after song and when she isn’t hypnotising us with her beauty and voice, she seems quite content to dander around the stage, throwing back her hair, playing a tambourine etc, while the rest of the band continue the driving essence that has made this band one of the most exciting and hottest classic/blues rock bands adorning stages everywhere today.

Blues Pills ended their mighty set with ‘Devil Man’! Good lord, to actually be there and witness such a powerful, female vocal display was truly awesome. I have never heard anything like that live before and I shall never forget it. Definitely a soul touching experience, as with all the music on that ground shaking night, I can safely say I came away thinking, I had an awesome gig tonight. Blues Pills rocked it!


Words by Brenda

Images by Mark McGrogan Photography



High Class Woman

Aint No Change


Dig In


No Hope For Me

The Time Is Now

Little Sun

Elements And Things

Black Smoke

Devil Man

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