Bloodstock 2018 - Sophie Lancaster Stage - Friday August 10th
Bloodstock 2018 - Sophie Lancaster Stage - Friday August 10th
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Opening the stage on Friday were Deitys Muse a South African quartet who would deliver a first class quality performance to set up the day nicely. With a heft sound they produced a set that ebbed and flowed to set the bar high for all to follow. Melodic Stoner,Grunge Rock engaged a sizeable crowd for the first band of the day ensured the Sophie stage would kick off with a bang! We got chatting with these guys so watch out for an interview to follow.

About: Deity’s Muse is a melodic alternative rock band with metal and prog influences based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The band is an absolute juggernaut live and has featured on every major South African rock music festival. The band has shared stages in their home country opening for revered international acts such as Bring Me The Horizon, Blind Guardian, Unearth, Protest The Hero, Monuments, 36 Crazyfists, Karnivool, and TesseracT.

In July 2017 Deity’s Muse received the ‘Album of the Year’ award for ‘Convergence’ at the annual South African Metal Music Awards ceremony. The band was also featured on Metal Injection’s “10 Great South African Bands You Have To Check Out” list. Following this, Deity’s Muse made their first European music festival appearance, performing at the 2017 edition of the annual Euroblast festival in Germany.

Up next! Bristol based Horror freaks Mortishead,these guys added a bit of dramato proceedings with their ghoulish makeup and over the top stage show. A banging soundtrack complimented the awesome stage presence to ensure this was wasn’t just about the visual but and auditory riot ensuing and ensuring the gathered masses all bought into it. A great change of pace from Deity’s Muse, and a fantastic addition to the bill oh and our first taste of pyro and who doesn’t love a bit of that!

About: Mortishead bludgeoned their way onto the metal scene mid 2014 and have since been leaving a trail of smashed stages, ringing ears and the bewildered faces of people wondering what brutality they bore witness to.

They are essentially a 6 piece dark parody of an authoritarian and malevolent totalitarian regime. The overall depiction of the band is an aggressive, condescending militant/dystopian super power within in the world. They wear arm bands emblazoned with their bands insignia, the M logo.

Guitarists, drummer and bassists have the air of enforcers, the violent ones that do the dirty work, clad in black combat trousers and boots, black shirts.

Luke the Bastard, vocalist, by contrast is well dressed in a suit, he is the official, the leader that gives the orders and is the face of the regime. The reality of the world, is that the most evil and ill intentioned of us, in fact, wear suits.

Then there is the samples player. He is something else, almost the hellish representation of all that is dark and ill intentioned in all people. The thing that drives fear and negativity and the desire to do wrong. The dark side of the ying and yang, left unchecked by its light side that has become absent. A blank, lifeless, face (mask) dressed in a black trench coat. He is the infection, a puppet master, like a cordyceps fungus that controls the minds of those around him.

Their sound, including but not limited to elements of industrial, thrash, groove and sludge, combine to recreate the sound of boots stamping on human skulls and is fast becoming one of Bristol’s most exciting musical exports.

With teeth cutting riffs and a dominating stage presence, Mortishead are asserting themselves as a powerful movement headed by six brutal bastards.

So where do we go from there? Fahran of course! Good old fashioned Rock ‘N’ Roll, these guys have been ripping it up for the past while making tracks wherever they’ve played, so it was a great opportunity for them to flex their Rock muscles for the Bloodstock faithful. These guys had a great vibe and presence on stage bring their music to life through a highly energetic and memorable performance.

About: Fahran are: Matt Black, Jake Graham, Joshua Ballantyne, Chris Byrne and JR Fahran.

They have appeared at prestigious festivals including, Bloodstock, Download Festival, Hard Rock Hell, Isle of Mann TT races and toured with Heaven’s Basement, Kamelot, The Answer, UFO and many more.

With 2 successful albums, this is a band that has worked for all they have achieved, leaving them with a seasoned gravitas. Fahran continue to forge a sound far greater than the sum of their parts that is redolent of no one and is entirely their own.

A change of direction with Godthrymm, their heavy Doom vibe that shook the Sophie stage to its core. Gargantuan riffs, heavy as concrete and slamming down track after track the crowd couldn’t get enough. This powerhouse trio brought it all.

About: Godthrymm is a new band comprised of veterans from the UK metal scene, focused on heartfelt, crushing riffs and a melancholic sense of dread. Band Members

Hamish Hamilton Glencross, Danny Lambert, Shaun “Winter” Taylor-Steels.

So where do you go form the Hefty beast that is Godthrymm? Well Sodomised Cadaver of course to lighten things up! These guys tore it up on the Sophie Stage, frontman Ollie Jones was like a man possessed! Frantic and explosive performance from the guys all round ensured the energy levels were through the roof! The crowd was into this is a big way and the band responded in kind giving it back punch for punch.

About: Sodomized Cadaver are a Welsh death metal band from the valleys. Formed early 2013, the band has 2 releases to date (Vorarephilia 2014) and (Verses Of Putridity 2016) and are in the middle of recording their third release (Morbid Tales of Mutilation) which will be released mid 2017.

They played their first ever show at Electrowerkz, London sharing the stage with American grind pioneers Brutal Truth and have shared the stage with many of extreme metal’s greats over the years such as Cattle Decapitation, Exhumed, Cryptopsy, Malevolent Creation plus many more.

They played Bloodstock Festival August 2016 to a rammed Jagermeister Stage with 100’s of people even watching from outside the tent. They also played the main stage at Hammerfest March 2017 alongside Venom and Heavy Scotland April 2017 alongside Behemoth. They have also toured Spain with Spanish death metal legends Avulsed and are currently preparing their first full-length album “Morbid Tales of Mutilation” following a recent line-up change.

Reprisal followed and were driven by the response the Sophie Stage gave both proceeding bands, there was no let up in the intensity or ferocity that had led us to this point. The lads threw down the gauntlet and showed Bloodstock exactly what they were all about, brutal savagery in the first degree.

De Profundis take to the stage; we recently reviewed their album ‘The Blinding Light Of Faith’ so knew what we were in for! A hugely experience band they brought all their tricks and persona to the Sophie Stage today and unleashed almighty hell on the gathering masses. Chaos ensued and with it a brutal, powerful performance by one of the UK’s killer Metal acts. Technical and melodic these guys brought it all and left nothing behind when leaving the stage.

Over the course of their career DE PROFUNDIS have grown and developed at a prodigious rate, their music blossoming into ever more imaginative and challenging forms, reaching out in a multitude of diverse directions, leaving limiting genre definitions and regulations shattered in their wake. Blending unfettered creativity, fierce ambition and outstanding musicianship the band have so far unleashed four magnificent albums, including the ground breaking The Emptiness Within and the stunning Kingdom Of The Blind.

Kingdom Of The Blind, which was released through Wicker Man Recordings, a new subsidiary of ATMF, in 2015 was afforded lavish praise from critics across the world and hailed as undoubtedly the greatest De Profundis album to date. The torrent of glowing reviews lead to prestigious live appearances for the band, as they were invited to play with Enslaved, Grand Magus, Gorgoroth, Kampfar and Gehenna. In 2016 they also appeared at the Incineration Festival in London, one of the major extreme music meetings on the global calendar.

2017 marks the 10th Anniversary since the release of De Profundis’ first album, Beyond Redemption and a yearlong celebration of major events is well underway. The band started the year by hitting the road around the UK with Norwegian black metal kings Taake and renowned weavers of atmospheric darkness Fen. This tour marked the first appearance in the De Profundis live set of new song ‘An Orgy Of Grotesqueries’, a masterpiece of old school death metal, performed with De Profundis’ trademark skill and ingenuity. With the tour complete, ‘An Orgy Of Grotesqueries’ was then released as a powerful video single, with the dark and disturbing imagery created by Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art (Flotsam And Jetsam).

With the new video still making waves with metal sites across the net, De Profundis were back on the road again for a full European tour with David Vincent of Morbid Angel’s new band, I Am Morbid. The package was completed by gore legends Necrophagia, US pagan metal warriors Helsott and openers The Heretic Order and saw De Profundis take their anniversary celebrations to Italy, Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands.
Upon their return from Europe it became clear that ‘An Orgy Of Grotesqueries’ was not destined to be just an addictive addition to the live set and the soundtrack to a chilling video release. The next announcement from the De Profundis camp was that they would be releasing a celebratory career retrospective album, entitled Decayed: 2007 – 2017. Decayed… is to be released exclusively with issue 079 of the world’s number one extreme music magazine, Zero Tolerance – no fewer than 10,000 copies heading out to every corner of the globe.

With album number five already recorded and plans for an autumn headline tour of the UK in the works, De Profundis’ 2017 celebrations look set to run and run…

With extra security in the pit you knew Ingested were en route! These Mancunians had the place packed to the rafters, the swell of bodies coming over the top into the pit said it all, there was more than a hefty support for these British slamming Death Metal fanatics and they killed it! Savage in their performance they had the Sophie Tent to capacity whilst more enslaved fans tried to clammer in to get a piece of the action.

About: Mancunian slam crew INGESTED have built a reputation as one of the most savage death metal acts to come out of the UK for a long time. Punishing beat-downs, epic riffage, guttural vocals and blistering speed are just some of the weapons in Ingested’s musical arsenal.
2015 now sees Ingested return with their heaviest offering yet in the form of “The Architect Of Extinction”, mixed by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy) and featuring mind blowing artwork from Toshihiro Egawa (who also did the artwork for the band’s debut record).
“The Architect Of Extinction” will be released January 12th on Century Media Records in Europe.
Jason Evans (vocals) comments: “It’s took us three albums and two EP’s to find our sound, our identity as a band. This album is Ingested in it’s purest form; nihilistic, slamming death metal. Every lyric, guitar riff and drum beat on this album is delivered with utter sincerity, we fucking mean it this time. This is the album we have always wanted to create, this is THE ARCHITECT OF EXTINCTION.

Once again we enlisted the amazing art talents of Toshihiro Egawa, who we worked with on our debut album “Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering” to produce yet another stunning, brutal masterpiece to compliment the audio assault we’ve captured on disc. This album was mixed by Christian Donaldson (Beneath the Massacre, The Last Felony and Cryptopsy) and features guest appearances by Julian Kersey (Aegaeon), Taylor Wientjes (The Kennedy Veil), James Schuster (Eighty Thousand Dead / Delusional Parasitosis) and Alex Terible (Slaughter to Prevail) who have contributed their very own brand of brutality to this record. This is our most definitive work to date and we can’t wait to unleash it on the world.”

Lovebites were due to be up next but with Suicidal Tendencies running late the two swapped, which meant an upgrade to main stage for Lovebites and Suicidal would take to the Sophie Lancaster stage. Chaos ensues.

As you can imagine the demand for the old school Thrash masters would be in demand, so the tent was at exploding point as everyone who could crammed under its roof. This show was mental, the crowds reaction heightened by the presence of this legendary band under a smaller roof sent the energy levels sky high. The crowd fed off the band who fed off the crowd and the pit was once again filled with security to deal with the huge amounts of crowd surfing, including one guy in a wheelchair! Now that’s dedication for ya! It summarised the whole weekend in one show, pure passion from both band and fans. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Scottish Hardcore/Metalcore band Bleed From Within would follow, for many it would be a tough ask but these guys know how to bring it! From the off Bleed From Within owned that stage and delivered a performance worthy of a headliner. Furious intent and savage delivery by this young quintet made for one of the highlights of Friday on the Sophie stage. If you haven’t checked these guys out as yet you simply have to, they under promise and over deliver every time and tonight was no exception.

With Judas Priest taking to the main stage it gave the Sophie Lancaster faithful time to catch their breath before the final performance of the evening, Doro would wrap up an amazing days festivities at Bloodstock. With a double album on the horizon ‘Forever Warriors, Forever United’ this German beauty had her faithful crowd clambering to fill the tent after Priest had ended. With all her years experience she delivered a performance worthy of her reputation, the pit this time packed with press to get up close and personal with the first lady of Rock.

She did not disappoint.

About: DORO Pesch is a living legend! And now the entire world knows it, after the “Queen of Rock & Metal” has received her first ever “Legends-Award” at England’s renowned “Golden Gods Awards” on July 17th 2013 at O2 Arena, London. On September 13th in Berlin 2013 DORO received the “Legend” Award from Metal Hammer Germany.
A true highlight of a career, already going on for three decades.
DORO can look back at a really unique journey in the music business. DORO, in numbers this means: Gold and platinum awards for about 10 million sold records, over 2.800 live shows on four continents and in 60 different countries of this world, 16 studio records, four DVD’s. Countless cover stories on all important Music Magazines and millions of overwhelmed fans around the globe.
At the age of 16 DORO started playing in her first bands, but the story of her success began with her band WARLOCK in 1982 and the first album “Burning The Witches”, 1983: the first steps of a world career, that in 1986 got her to perform at the legendary “Monsters of Rock” Festival at British Castle Donnington, as the first ever female musician – and in front of 120.000 frenetic fans.
The same year DORO and WARLOCK took the chance to support JUDAS PRIEST on a world tour. At this point DORO decided to finally quit her job as a graphic designer and to entirely enter the music business, with all her heart, body and soul. On giant world tours in the USA, South America, China, Japan, Australia and Europe DORO conquered a huge fan base. In Spain and Russia she is worshiped like a goddess. Additionally she has done mega-tours with icons such as Ronnie James Dio, the SCORPIONS or MOTÖRHEAD.

DORO and WARLOCK recorded a total of four studio records and had their international breakthrough in 1987 with “Triumph & Agony”. Shortly before, DORO had moved from Düsseldorf to New York, where she is still living today. “Triumph & Agony” has sold over three million copies and reached worldwide gold and platinum status. This masterpiece includes two mega-hits written by DORO herself: ‘All We Are’ and ‘Für Immer’. Up to this very day, those two songs are highlight of every single show.

In 1989 the followup “Force Majeur” continued the mega-success of “Triumpf & Agony” and entered the German Media Control Charts on #5, reaching gold status within just 14 days.
1990 the self-titled record DORO followed, which has been produced in L.A. by no one less than KISS-mastermind Gene Simmons, who is one of her musical idols and added numerous songs to the album.
“True at Heart” was produced in 1991 by famous Barry Beckett (Producer for e.g. THE ROLLING STONES). During the cause of the 90s, more outstanding records like “Angels Never Die” and “Machine to Machine” and the incomparable Love “Me In Black” followed.
In 1994 DORO received a well-deserved recognition, as she has been awarded a “Female Artist of the Year” at the most important German Music Award “Echo”. She has been nominated for the “Echo” eight times by now.
In the Czech Republic she won the title of “Sexiest Woman Alive” at Spark-Magazine.

“Calling The Wild” in the year 2000 was another milestone, including ‘Love Me Forever’ and ‘Alone Again’: The first ever duets of DORO. Recorded with the awesome Lemmy Kilmister of MOTÖRHEAD, she shares a longtime friendship with. Another close friend of DORO is 13-time World Boxing Champion Regina Halmich. A total of four entry hymns was created: ‘All We Are’, ‘Fight’, ‘She’s Like Thunder’ und ‘The Queen’.
In 2004 out of her love for animals and several performances at the beneficial concert „Rock für Tiere“ („Rock for Animals“), where she played with the Metal Classic Night Orchester, the idea was born to produce the sucessful “Classic Diamonds” Album and DVD , which feature DOROs biggest hits in a classical style. In August of 2004 fans at Wacken Open Air were witnesses to DORO performing along with a 60-piece orchestra.
In 2006 DORO proves her talent as an actress, as she takes on the female lead of Meha in Luke Gassers movie Anuk – Der Weg eines Kriegers (Anuk – The Way of a Warrior). At the same time DORO composed her first Movie Soundtrack – “Warrior Soul”. The albums’ titel track was also used as the movies’ theme. 2012/13 DORO returns to the big screen, again in the role of Meha for the sequel, which will celebrate its debut in 2014.
Talking about celebratin – on December 13th 2003 DORO had her first big celebration. For her 20-years anniversary at Philipshalle Düsseldorf, star guests like Biff Byford, Lemmy and Udo Dirkschneider entered the stage to congratulate her.

The same day five years later, on December 13th 2008 at ISS Dome Düsseldorf, guests like the SCORPIONS, Tarja Turunen and many more were on stage together with DORO. The entire show is available on the DVD “DORO – 25 years in Rock”.

At the same time the 2008 single release ‘Celebrate’ of the “Fear No Evil”-album was becoming a hit in Spain, where ‘Celebrate’ was in the top ten for seven weeks. Spain is inhabited by one of DOROs strongest fan bases. Readers of Spanish Metal magazine “Heavy Rock” voted DORO as best female vocalist 17 times (!) to this date.
In early 2009 “Fear No Evil” entered the German charts at #11.
On March 13th, 2012 DORO celebrated her 2.500 concert in her hometown Düsseldorf.
The summer of 2010 saw the Metal-Queen sign a new record deal with Nuclear Blast, the leading German label for Rock and Metal (NIGHTWISH, ACCEPT etc.).

Her current album “Raise Your Fist” also entered the Top 20 in October 2012. The new album is surely another highlight of DOROs carreer. With “Raise Your Fist” she does not only gather super stars like Lemmy (Duet on the emotional ballad It Still Hurts) and Gus G (Guitarist of Ozzy Osbourne), but also offers a new hymn as strong as All We Are. Additionally DORO dedicates the song ‘Freiheit – Human Rights’ to the human rights organization “Terre Des Femmes”, who’s ambassador DORO has been since 2009.

The current year 2013 is entirely dedicated the metal Queens’ big 30-years “Throne-Jubilee”. The first act of celebration will take place on August 2nd at the 24th W:O:A, where DORO is headlining for the 5th time in front of 80.000 fans. Following Wacken Open Air will be an extended European Tour during autumn with special anniversary gigs.


Photography Mark McGrogan

 Mark Ellis / Shoot The Groove


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