Bloodstock 2018 – Hobgoblin New Blood Stage – Friday August 10th
Bloodstock 2018 – Hobgoblin New Blood Stage – Friday August 10th
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Bloodstock had truly arrived, Friday August 10thwas the start of the festival in full, for many young bands up and down the country today marked the start of the Hobgoblin New Blood Stage and with it the culmination of bucket loads of hard work in getting here.

M2TM winners as far as the eye could see would line up one after another to take to this infamous stage and put on the show of their lives!

Kicking off proceedings were Turbyne – a Rock/Heavy Metal/Progressive Metal band from Dumfries, Scotland.

What a way to kick off New Blood, thrashing guitar riffs and a mesh of guttural and clean vocals made an impression of the gathered masses. A brutal start to what would turn out to be an amazing weekend packed with the hottest young talent around.

About:Turbyne are a metal band, currently based in Dumfries, Scotland. Since forming their current line up, they have crafted a diverse and intense sound, capable of reducing an entire planet to ash! Drawing influence from both heavy and progressive musical styles, and always taking metal to strange and scary new places. Currently writing, performing and recording their original material, Turbyne’s quest for total global domination continues on as strong as ever!



With a seriously heavy and hardcore sound there was a sizeable crowd in the tent, full intensity and the crowd were loving it for an early start, heavy pummelling riffs with savage intent, Class act !!!

About:GarshKott is a 5 piece groove/speed metal band from Milton Keynes.

Tom Franklin- Vocals
Guy Morgan- Guitar
Aaron (Flynnstone) Flynn – Guitar
Adam Patchett- Bass guitar
Mike Turbutt- Drums

We are influenced by bands such as Pantera, Lamb of god, Killswitch Engage, Parkway drive. But aim to have a unique and versatile sound all of our own.


Old school Metal and a passionate band live, it was appreciated, with Onslaught on the main stage at the same time these guys had a sizeable crowd in front of them living every second of their New Blood set, well played lads.

About:A melodic based in Cardiff South Wales, they are Steve Jenkins – Vocals
Kerrin Beckwith – Guitar, Joey Watkins – Guitar, Stu “Spoon” Rake – Bass
Zak Skane – Drums

Formed in late 2014, Democratus fuse classic metal riffs with brutal growls and soaring clean vocals to bring a new spin to the melodic death metal genre. We have had the honour of opening for bands like – Suffocation, Psychostick, Largerstein, Skilltron, Red Rum, Master, Bloodshot Dawn and Agrona. In 2017 we became endorsed by Vocalzone and we released our EP – ‘Starting Again’. The ‘Starting Again’ EP can be found on Spotify – Bandcamp –

In 2018 we became endorsed by Moomin Merchandise. We reached a new high on 16th June when we won the Metal 2 The Masses South Wales final earning a slot on the new blood stage at Bloodstock.



These guys laid down a groove laden riff-tastic set that turned more than a few heads, a packed out tent ensured they wont be forgotten in a hurry! Well played lads!

About:Hailing from English midlands industry town, Stoke-on-Trent, Vulgore are loud, brash and heavier than a Bas Rutten liver kick. Vulgore have been described as ‘Groove Laden Melodic Death Metal’, but strive to incorporate many different elements from across the metal spectrum.Forming in late 2017, Vulgore have already released their first single, ‘ Scapegoat’ and recorded a 5 track E.P to be released soon. Their debut live performance saw them victorious in their heat of Bloodstocks ‘Metal to the Masses’ competition in Stoke, and securing a place in the Final. Currently Vulgore are booking shows across the UK to bring their brand of aggressive heavy Metal to live audiences.

With the impending E.P release, Future live shows, and more material in the works, the boys in Vulgore hope you enjoy the ride.

Vocals: Ian Bennett,Lead Guitar: David Jones,Rhythm Guitar: Andy Lovatt,Bass: Sam Williams,Drums: Hayden Ball



Pelugion brought a Heavy Rock / Metal flavour to the New Blood Stage, their Black Label esque style went down a treat with the crowd as a welcome change to the hefty Black Metal that had proceeded.

About:Pelugion are a three-piece hard rock / metal band from Coventry, formed in 2012 Since the beginning Pelugion have gigged heavily and in so doing gained a slot at the UK’s biggest free family festival, in early 2015 Pelugion inked a management deal with UK based FATangel management and released a lyric video for the song ‘Serpents Mistress’. Pelugion’s 2016 ‘Bide My Time’ was produced, mixed and mastered at Woodworm studios by Mike Exeter who has worked with such legends as Black Sabbath, Dio and Judas Priest, this brought them to the attention of Wildfire Festival Scotland where Pelugion performed In 2016. Pelugion gigged heavily through 2017 included a performance at the SOLD-OUT HRH Metal at the O2 Academy in Birmingham they also performed their first acoustic show at Uprising at the iconic Demontfort Hall Leicester and toured with South Wales’ heavyweights Lifer.


Early 2018 Pelugion headed to South Wales to join Lifer once more for the Welsh leg of the popular Dementia Aware Fest.

Pelugion are putting the finishing touches to their next EP scheduled for release August with a Video release penned in for June, this second as yet untitled EP will once again feature Production, mixing and Mastering from Mike Exeter on a selection of tracks. ‘Serpent’s Mistress’ lyric video:


Pelugion are: John Pittaway (The Goat) – Guitar, Brandon Balou (The Vulture) – Drums, Andy Sweeney (The Quatch) – Bass/Vocals



These guys slayed the New Blood crowd, from front to back they laid down a behemoth performance with their heavy and brutal sound! Both guitarists nailed it and made that Hobgoblin tent shake to its core! Awesome performance: one of the slickest of the day.

About:Kinasis are an unsigned, technical, extreme-metal band from Somerset/Wiltshire (UK).

Kinasis, a multi faceted, technical, extreme-metal band from the south-west of the UK, re-defining the rule book of what is possible in their passionate, brutal and often haunting compositions.

The band are a collective of talented musical explorers, unbound by any single metal sub-genre, avoiding all trends and perceived scene ‘rules’. Often walking the fine line between noise and music, chaos and order; Kinasis mix death metal, thrash and grind-core influences with more contemporary metal to create a unique, uncompromising brand of extreme metal which transcends any current metal subgenre/classification and appeals to a wide range of metal fans. A blend of brutality and melody, technicality and groove; Kinasis songs are almost exclusively in oddtime and contain complex and intricate arrangements. Mosh-pit friendly hooks abound throughout, occasional blast beats add to the sheer brutality of it all. The band’s ferociously tight delivery makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Kinasis have been refining their craft, honing their stage skills by gigging sporadically throughout the UK since March 2010. Their debut 3 track demo e.p. was self released the same year. The demo was well received and gained airplay on several internet and regional UK radio stations. The demo scored 11 out of 13 in an online review by

A video for the track ‘In Vivo’ was released in February 2012.

In recent years Kinasis have shared a stage with many bands on the UK underground circuit and international artists, including the likes of Sepultura, Malefice, Flayed Disciple, Sworn Amongst, Abadden and Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster to name but a few. The band also played several dates in Italy and the UK with upcoming Italian guitar virtuoso Gianluca Ferro and his band S.H.I.N.E

Their debut album, mixed and mastered by Justin Hill (Fortress Studios/SikTh) is completed and a teaser can be found here:-

Kinasis do not know the meaning of the word failure and will do whatever it takes, overcoming all odds to succeed.

Now they are looking to take the next step and are currently seeking opportunities for both release and touring to gain a wider acceptance and throw down the gauntlet to the world, aiming to prove that the UK is still the best country in the world for inspirational, dynamic, visceral music.

Seven Hells:

These Leicester lads hit the ground running with a banging set to blow the cobwebs off anyone, thrashing guitars and hefty groove laden riffs made for a engaging and addictive set.

About:Seven Hells are a band from Leicester, UK formed in 2016. The inspiration of a post apocalyptic world drives the band to unleash a powerful groove, crushing riffs & gut punching deliverance. A hardcore band with a hardcore attitude. We are Seven Hells.

Marc Cross – Vocalist, Simon Crofts – Lead Guitar, Dan Nelson – Rhythm Guitar, Oliver Wellings – Bass Guitar, Kris Elliot – Drums

A Ritual Spirit:

These Scottish lads brought an old school Metal charm to the new blood with their tasty riffs, catchy vocal melodies that make you want to chant along, a enigmatic set and tight performance caught the eye.

About:Edinburgh Hard Rock Band – Debut album Carnival Carnivorous available now as a Digi-pack CD or digital download from all good online stores. Oli-Vox/Guitar, Martin Bass, Steve-Guitar/Vox, Dave-Drums


Underdark were supposed to be playing at the same time as Suicidal Tendencies on the main stage so as a result there was a slightly modest crowd in attendance, guttural vocals and a crazy Death Metal sound that was as heavy as you’d hear all day entertained all who attended.

About:Underdark are a Black Metal band from Nottingham, featuring Max, Ollie,Adam, Stephen,Dan. With guttural growls and a heavy Death Metal sound they played to a hefty crowd at the New Blood Stage, at a time when Suicidal Tendencies were to take to the main stage, a dedicated crowd filled the Hobgoblin Stage to support these Nottingham lads in their droves. Well played.


Sertaline were the first to feature a female fronted band, heavy Djent at that and it was a breath of fresh air against a seriously heavy line up. Great quality on show and a enigmatic performance made them one of the highlights of the day.

From Leeds & Manchester Influenced by many sub-genres of metal, Sertraline are one of the most unique and alluring bands of the last few years. Having been likened to bands such as Jinjer, Arch Enemy and Halestorm, Sertraline are all about ‘crunchy riffs’, ‘colossal grooves’ and huge on stage energy.

The latest EP ‘Guilty’ earned impressive reviews from Metal Hammer, Powerplay and more. Since forming in 2014, Sertraline have supported many established artists such as Butcher Babies, Normandie, Forever Still, Skarlett Riot and Sumo Cyco. Having just completed their first European tour, Sertraline are looking to explore their heavier side with new material imminent.

‘Guilty’ EP is available to stream & download now via all good digital stores.
Physical copies also available – 

Body Harvest:

Body Harvest was intense! Fast and furious they didn’t let up throughout their set, pedal to the metal from start to finish they grabbed the bulls by the horns and ripped The New Blood a new one. A frantic performance had the energy levels through the roof!


About:Body Harvest are a 4-piece Death Metal band from Bristol UK who attack the listener with a faster and more intense take on traditional Death Metal. Formed in late December 2011 (originally as Vyral) by guitar players Jake Ettle-Iles and Gareth Nash, the duo quickly established a strong song writing ability taking influence from traditional death metal bands such as MORBID ANGEL, DEATH and DECAPITATED as well as mixing in some more obscure influences such as HOUR OF PENANCE, MISERY INDEX and early FEAR FACTORY.

Body Harvest erupted into the Bristol music scene in March 2012 with an opening slot for EXHUMED and ANNAL NATHRAKH. After a year of establishing themselves as one of Bristol’s main Death Metal acts the band went through a complete overhaul with Jake and Gaz now taking on vocal duties as well as dropping the bland band name Vyral and becoming Body Harvest.

With the new and stronger machine now up and running, Body Harvest began working on their debut album FUTILE CREATION which was released though GRINDHOUSE MUSIC on 21st April 2014. Upon the release of FUTILE CREATION, Body Harvest quickly became one of the UKs essential Death Metal acts, playing all over the country including supporting the likes of VITAL REMAINS, HOUR OF PENANCE, CEREBRAL BORE, AURA NOIR and GORGUTS as well as touring with Greece’s MASS INFECTION. All the original 1,000 copies of FUTILE CREATION quickly sold out with reviewers praising the intensity, song writing, precision and professionalism of the album.

After years of extensive gigging, Body Harvest entered 2017 with a new and improved line-up, incorporating the commanding stage presence of bassist Dan Shaw Odell with the speed and technical ability of drummer Will Pearson into the already strong formulae. The new inception of Body Harvest continued to define themselves on the UK Death Metal scene including an appearance at BRISTOL DEATHFEST supporting VADER, IMMOLATION, NADER SADEK etc as well as touring the UK as main support act for Italy’s HIDEOUS DIVINITY. In late 2017 Body Harvest began recording their long awaited second album PARASITIC SLAVERY with Jonny Pettersson of WOMBBATH, JUST BEFORE DAWN, ASHCLOUD etc.

Now Body Harvest smash their way into 2018 with the release of new single HIERARCHY OF GRIEF as well as their first Headline UK tour. With the release of PARASITIC SLAVERY imminent you can guarantee Body Harvest will be a force to be reckoned with in 2018!

Band Members, Jake Ettle-Iles – Vocals & Guitar, Gareth Nash – Vocals & Guitar, Dan Shaw Odell – Bass, Will Pearson – Drums

Debut album `Futile Creation’ out now!




Trivax brought a sense of theatre to the New Blood with its members shrouded and wearing makeup they demanded your attention, a gargantuan sound accompanied the cinematic experience supplied by the band of brothers.

 About:Trivax is a Black Metal band originally formed in Iran, a country where rock and metal is completely banned. People who broke that rule would often get thrown into jail or even executed. After years of struggling in the underground and battling with the authorities, frontman Shayan S. moved to the United Kingdom to reform the band and to play music freely.

Currently active in Birmingham, the home of metal, the band seeks nothing but retribution, liberation and chaos!Recently acclaimed album “SIN”, the band’s first full length album was released in November 2016, followed by more live shows than ever before to promote the album. Recently Trivax filmed and released their first music video for the song “Wormwood” which is available on Youtube, with merchandise and albums available to purchase on Bandcamp.

Trivax offer a unique live experience, always satisfying the demand for the chaos that is Black Metal.

Shayan – Vocalist, Guitarist, Main Composer, Ben Sheldon – Guitarist, Matt Croton – Drummer, S – Bassist

These guys made an impression, brutally heavy and dark in sound, makeup and ghoulish looking they wont be a band to forget anytime soon, you’ll no doubt see them in your nightmares!


King Bison:

Dirty and riff laden, the lads laid down a killer set full of chunky gnarly tunes that wrapped up an amazing first days music on the Hobgoblin New Blood Stage at Bloodstock 2018.  Well done to each and every band who brought it all on day one! And a special shout out has to go to the support that crammed the tent throughout the day regardless of who was playing on main stage or at the Sophie Lancaster Stage.

About: Filthy Southern Fried Heavy Metal From Plymouth.

Featuring – Karlo Glover – Vocals, Chris Harding – Drums, Rohan James – Bass, Ali Phippen – Guitars, Chris Milford – Guitar

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